It’s thursday again, time to start cooking! As you can see i’m in Hatert once again. Today, i will be cooking with Janet. She is a roommate from Lila, from the first episode. And this time, we’re going to make a dessert. So Janet, here i am, once again in Hatert. But with somebody else. […]

Baker College Cyber Defense Club 2019

Well its really a community of students learning You know they come in here on their own as you can see the room is packed they come in here on the weekends and during the weeknights to learn cyber defense so these are very complicated problems they are working on and they have the perseverance […]

Ecolab CEO Doug Baker on Water Scarcity – 1st Tuesday

– You know, the University of Minnesota plays a vital role, and here are the obvious ones. An obvious one, of course, is students and human talent, which is most important in driving economic growth. The University is great. But the other is just the fundamental research that’s been done over the years, and the […]

Food Webs and Energy Pyramids: Bedrocks of Biodiversity

Captions are on! TO turn off, click the CC button at bottom right. Follow the amoebas on Twitter (@amoebasisters) and Facebook! When we were little, we loved nature shows. One reason was because we didn’t have cable and it was one of the few things we actually got a TV signal for that didn’t require […]

Baker College: BeMore

At Baker College, we want to help you be more. More curious, more productive, and more successful. The world is full opportunities to be more than the status quo. The question is: Are you ready to BeMore?

Tim Cook: “Be Fearless” | Duke University Commencement 2018 Speech

Please join me in welcoming Tim Cook, our 2018 Commencement speaker>>Hello, Blue Devils. It is great to be back at Duke. It is an honor to stand before you as your commencement speaker and a graduate. I earned by agree from the Fuqua School in 1988. In preparing for this speech I reached out to […]

Ellen Welcomes Back Inspiring Principal Akbar Cook

Well, you look very, very sharp. Oh, man. You look good. Well, thank you, Ellen. I’m trying to be like you when I grow up. So what’s the reaction at school since you were here? Well, when I got back, Ellen, it was like it was a Super Bowl parade waiting on me. And there […]

Baker College of Owosso – Student Housing

Baker College of Owosso offers modern spacious housing for living on campus. Three residence halls are conveniently located near student facilities. Fully appointed housing with more space and features than you’ll find at virtually any other college. Each with its own upscale personality with its own dining area its own refrigerator and stove and its […]

Registration at Baker College

Welcome to the brief tutorial on registration at Baker College. Before we begin, it is important to note a few do’s and don’ts for registration: It is best to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser. Be sure to type in correct titles and course codes. Be sure to type in your information […]