Dealing with Bullying – Dr. Mark Baker

Not all fighting is bullying. This is important to understand. Especially school-age boys mix it up — they push, they shove, they get into fights…and fighting is wrong, but not all fighting is bullying. Bullying involves four things: Number one: aggressive behavior that’s violent. What’s the difference between aggression and violence? Aggression is the force […]

Is Addiction A Disease? – Dr. Mark Baker

Is addiction a disease? This is really hard for people because they know addicts in their lives who are acting immorally! They are making bad choices, they are choosing bad things and they’re making those choices over and over again. So you look at these people and you say “that’s not a disease.” If you […]

Health Anxiety & Dr Google! – Googling Symptoms?

what is going on guys I want to talk about googling your symptoms are you using dr. Google self diagnosed yourself with various illnesses or disease or even mental health issues go ahead and smash that like button down below if you're ready to kick anxiety in the butt and leave me a comment down […]

Throat Cancer Scare – Health Anxiety Story

what's up guys welcome back to the channel my name is Trey today I'm gonna be talking about health anxiety and my throat cancer scared that was associated with a go ahead and smash the like button down below if you're ready to kick anxiety in the butt leave me a comment as well let […]

InBrief: Early Childhood Mental Health

What do we wantfor our children? What's our goal? Our goal is to haveproductive citizens that are going to be part ofthriving communities. So how do we getfrom here to there? As we grow up and as we moveinto becoming functioning members of society,our mental health is an important part of how weperform our responsibilities […]

The Destruction of America's Mental Health Care System

hi everybody this is stefan molyneux I hope you're doing well this presentation the destruction of America's mental healthcare system and its consequences is very powerful I believe it's going to bear watching more than once I'm really going to beg you to pay attention to this presentation and not multitask while I'm talking about […]

How to Ruin your Mental Health as a PhD Student

I have been a student since 2009 moving from undergraduate degree to masters and now PhD with no break in between not once during this time has my mental health become an issue so here is a guide so that you two can share in my success pay is equal to effort it is important […]

#70 Why Sleep is the Most Important Pillar of Health with Professor Matthew Walker

I'm absolutely delighted that I've got the opportunity to interview my next guest he is one of the world's leading sleep researchers and he's author of the absolutely fantastic but the international bestseller why we sleep it's Professor Matthew Walker Matthew welcome to the podcast thank you so much for having me it's delight to […]

Mental Health & The Armed Forces | Kati Morton

hey everybody happy Thursday today is another episode of coffee and a chat with Katie oh yeah but first I want to thank today's sponsor better help they provide anyone facing life's challenges with easy discreet and affordable access to professional counseling from a licensed therapist such as myself now today's topic is all about […]