we’re in Singapore today and we’re here to eat this food series is all about showing you the best local eats in the country Singapore is a nation of eaters the food culture here will blow your mind this is our fourth video from Singapore and we’re travelling all over the island to show you […]

دیگدان و تنور – مستاوه مزه دار بدخشی / Afghan Street Food – Delicious Badakhshi Mastawa

Greetings to all the fans of Degdan wa Tanoor Hope you are all in a good health Welcome to our show and today I am at the 3rd street of Taimani project of Kabul city There is a restaurant here, where our women of Badakhshan, cook local Badakhshi foods Today I will showcase a Badakhshi […]

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Afghan Street Food – Breakfast in Panjshir | دیگدان و تنور – صبحانه در پریان پنجشیر

Hello and greetings. Hope you are all doing well Welcome to another episode of Degdan wa Tanoor show We always try to showcase the best and tasty foods of our country Afghanistan. I have decided this time to travel somewhere far from Kabul. It is a beautiful place and is 8 hours from Kabul to […]

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