We’re in my hometown of London, Ontario and we were sitting around this morning thinking how we haven’t really eaten anything today and fantasizing about all the delicious Canadian foods that we can get while we’re home here in Canada. And at one point I was just like, “Let’s just make a video about it. […]

Americans Try Bizarre European Food

– And, what? No, I’m not gonna eat this! (man laughs) – [Man] That turned so fast. – [Woman] No! God, no! (man sighs) – [Woman] Snails! – Nice – [Voiceover] Escargot is an appetizer of land snails traditionally prepared in garlic butter. – Look at this little turd of thing. – Ew! – This […]

Manda Opens Up | Season 15 Ep. 8 | HELL’S KITCHEN

When I was dancing, I’ve never been in as good of shape in my life. Being on a pole, think about it. you’re using all of your core. How long did you do that For Many Mandas ago, I used to be a dancer at a go-go bar. just for doing this one trick. And […]

Americans Try Bizarre American Foods

– What? – [Voiceover] Lady’s Brunch. – Oh, hell yeah. – Ladies eat this? – Who eats this thing? – So, it looks like it’s just a regular cheeseburger except there’s egg, bacon, and of course, a Krispy Kreme as the bun. – Let’s do this. – Whoa. – It tastes pretty much exactly how […]

Weird Food Flavors From Around The World

When travelling around the world, people often try to eat traditional food of whatever country or city they’re visiting. What they might miss, however , are the crazy flavors of various snacks, desserts and drinks that exist. To help you find these insane for the next time you travel Here are 20 of the craziest […]

Crazy office worker’s night meal

Vorsicht: Ich gebe vor zu essen. Ich esse es eigentlich nicht. Bitte nicht nachmachen. Du bist gefeuert! ! ! Das vorherige Fax ist ein Witz.

Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant and Food Unboxing ★ ONLY in JAPAN #44 レトロ自販機

Japan is famous for its hi-tech vending machines. They’re digital, colorful and loaded with variety and lots of fun. So when I heard of a restaurant with no staffs, that was all vending machines, I jumped at the chance to visit. This place is called a Jihanki-Shokudo. and it’s located at Isesaki-City, about 2 hours […]


Hello, hello my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back! Today I will be testing some vintage kitchen tools that I found at the thrift store. So, for three bucks I scored a bag of these random vintage tools, and I thought I’d test them out for you and see how well they work. Hmm, I […]

Lord Huron – The Night We Met

I am not the only traveler Who has not repaid his debt I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again Take me back to the night we met And then i can tell myself What the hell i’m supposed to do And then i can tell myself Not the ride along with you I […]

Poltergeist Activity Caught On Video. REAL Ghost Caught On Tape In Kitchen. Part 1

Poltergeist activity begins at 20 seconds