Getting Benched as a Cheerleader (ft. Rosebud Baker) – High School Fails

– I showed up for practice one day, I don’t wanna be there, somebody finally told me, “You don’t have the school spirit “to last on this squad.” (upbeat music) I’m Rosebud Baker, and this is the story of how I got benched as a cheerleader. So it’s freshman year, everybody’s got flip phones, everybody’s […]

r/choosingbeggars | Homeless Man DESTROYS Food I Gave Him!

I don’t want your used crap. WHERE IS THE GOOD STUFF SHORT So I live in the bum freak middle of nowhere. My mom called and said the church down the street was having a yard sale and we should check it out. Turns out it was not a yard sale, everything was free. I […]

I INVENTED A NEW FOOD *cooking with Cameron*

Haha, so I did something I Just admit to something so freaking good and with genius I am the smartest intellectual on this planet My cooking skills are so on point right now. Like I’m so honestly proud of myself. I am so powerful Hi, I just invented a new food you might think it’s […]

I Couldn’t Get Job Even At Fast Food So I Opened My Company Instead

Hi guys! I bet all of you have been rejected, maybe you’ve heard something like, “Sorry, but you’re not good enough.” I know that this can be really discouraging. And I know that a lot of people have felt miserable when hearing “no” as an answer. But I don’t want you to be like them. […]

When you eat junk food before bed

omnomnomnomnomnomnom omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom hmm? już tak późno? no… jedno ciasteczko na pewno mi nie zaszkodzi *chrup* DOBRANOC! ki-kim ty do licha jesteś? jestem ciastkiem pradawna siła mnie tu przysłała ale czemu jesteś w moim śnie? ponieważ zamierzam cię zjeść AAAAAAAA! koszmar. potrzebuję tych pałeczek serowych. *omnomom* fiuuuu DOBRANOC! *ugh* *ugh* O TAK!

People Share Their Most Horrifying Cooking Stories

the visual still gives me goosebumps to this day because it’s pretty much a nightmare I think I’m lighting the apartment on fire the Hobart machine just went full I cook for a living but surprisingly I don’t have many cooking horror stories for me personally but I do have one that involves my mom […]

Awkward Adventures – COMPETITIVE COOKING! | Thomas Sanders

[Intro Music] What is up everybody! Okay, so one thing that I am very afraid to admit but I have admitted to you guys in the past is that I still have yet to learn how to cook. I am an adult and I don’t know how to cook. I can barely boil water. [Off-screen] […]


hi! *intro music* *shattering sound* *upbeat music* ew I just farted and it, like, wafted up and i now smell it so that was gross but hey! it’s time for another cooking with emma it’s been too long and i miss it and you guys apparently miss it too because you guys comment about it […]


what's going on guys it's your boy scrub you here back again with another video hope you guys are having an absolutely incredible day I know I am if you are be sure to press the like button otherwise no joke no scam a scary man by the name of jimothy will be breaking into […]

Cooking HOT CHEETO ELOTES with JEN_NY69! | Louie's Life