I Couldn’t Get Job Even At Fast Food So I Opened My Company Instead

Hi guys! I bet all of you have been rejected, maybe you’ve heard something like, “Sorry, but you’re not good enough.” I know that this can be really discouraging. And I know that a lot of people have felt miserable when hearing “no” as an answer. But I don’t want you to be like them. […]

Manda Opens Up | Season 15 Ep. 8 | HELL’S KITCHEN

When I was dancing, I’ve never been in as good of shape in my life. Being on a pole, think about it. you’re using all of your core. How long did you do that For Many Mandas ago, I used to be a dancer at a go-go bar. just for doing this one trick. And […]

A Short History of Tea in English Homes.wmv

Drinking tea is often seen as a very English tradition but for most of history this is not the case. Before tea came to England it already had a long history in China where people have been drinking for over four thousand years. When tea arrived in English home in the late 1600s, it was […]

People Share Their Most Horrifying Cooking Stories

the visual still gives me goosebumps to this day because it’s pretty much a nightmare I think I’m lighting the apartment on fire the Hobart machine just went full I cook for a living but surprisingly I don’t have many cooking horror stories for me personally but I do have one that involves my mom […]

Brett Ottolenghi: Foreign Flavors

to need the best food the best flavor is a new flavor something I’ve never tasted before if I hear even a mention of some exotic ingredient I’ll remember it forever and eventually I will find it so good about eight months ago I tried fresh wasabi for the first time in the United States […]

French the natural way – Story #2: Marc et la cuisine italienne

Bonjour c’est Alice pour t’aider à acquérir le Français naturellement et je vais te raconter l’histoire de Marc qui aime la cuisine italienne il y a un homme un homme il y a un homme il s’appelle Marc Marc adore la cuisine italienne il adore les pizzas il adore manger la cuisine italienne il adore […]

SKIPPING SCHOOL || ft. Brock Baker

Den… DEN! We gotta… We gotta go on an adventure But.. But Rick! Den… We… *Burp* W-w-we gotta go School can wait! Ok, fine! And away we go! Rick, where are we? Its a different universe, Den If you don’t like it here, We’ll be back in no time J-just tell *Burp* That dumb story […]


what's going on guys it's your boy scrub you here back again with another video hope you guys are having an absolutely incredible day I know I am if you are be sure to press the like button otherwise no joke no scam a scary man by the name of jimothy will be breaking into […]

सोने का अंडा – Sone Ka Anda – Moral Stories for Kids | Hindi Kahaniya for Kids Toddlers

Nolan North and Troy Baker Clean Up the Streets in NARC

that sorry sorry also wash your hands yes after you went [Applause] those Romans paid [Applause] what is going happen everybody lean into it Ola North Troy Baker on the couch retro replay I'm jumping right in that's making up last time we as I say lost time last time making up for last time […]