hi today we picked up this Pioneer Woman crock-pot it was actually an impulse purchase couldn’t resist it’s very pretty with the flowers in hand side so that’s what caught my eye and it’s an upgrade to the old crock pot that we had I actually had one that not falling off it still kind […]

Stop Motion Cooking – Beef Stew From Musical Instruments ASMR

Beef stew is one of the attractive dishes can hardly refuse. Especially in the case of this guy, hungry, tired and depressed after an unfavorable music lesson.

Simple Sweet and Sour Chicken

Hi, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode we’re making… A special “Santa Maria” dish… What is it? Sweet and Sour Chicken. Yes. We’re pouring some oil to the frying pan. We’ve have already tried one of “Santa Maria” dish. And it was on Instagram stories. And one more important thing to mention… You can […]

Kimchi Corned Beef – Food Wishes – St. Patrick’s Day Recipe

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with kimchi corned beef that’s where I hide cabbages – kimchi as a paper airplane is – a jet fighter which is why I’ve always wanted to try a corned beef and cabbage recipe using kimchi instead so that’s what’s behind this experiment and not to […]

Sausage & Kale Black Lentil Stew – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with sausage and kale black lentil stew that’s right for a dish to qualify as an authentic comfort food it has to do three things it has to be good for the mind good for the body and good for the soul and this recipe certainly […]

Miso Braised Beef – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with miso braised beef that’s right when the weather turns cold and the days grow shorter the one thing i crave besides warmer weather and longer days is some good old-fashioned warming from the inside out comfort food and while these recipes tend to be classics […]

Five Slimming World slow cooker recipes

Slow cookers are a busy Food Optimiser’s best friend. Pop all the ingredients in and then leave your dinner cooking for the day while you get on with something else. It doesn’t get much easier! We’ve put together five Free, simple, tasty recipes to give you some slow cooker inspiration. This no fuss, tender BBQ […]

Mince Pie Challenge | Hot Right Now

Right, it’s time for some festive fun in the form of a game! Ladies if you could take the stage please, a round of applause for the ladies! We’ve got some festive delights for you Bring in the trolley please! This is the mince pie game! These pies in front of you are delicious looking, […]

Irish Stew Recipe I Simple Chicken Stew Recipe I Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss

International Recipe ~ Irish stew / Chicken Stew 500g chicken pieces (cleaned & drained) 4 small whole potatoes (cleaned & remove the skin) 5-6 small whole onions 3 green chilies 2 medium onion slices 1 tbsp chopped ginger 1 tsp salt 4 tbsp milk 3 mini pouch of butter 1 tsp white refined flour /maida […]