👍 Cuisine Royale как играть с другом 🔎 Как играть вдвоем в Кузин Рояль [гайд]

Привет ребятки. Сегодня гайд для новичков по игре Кузин Роял. Короче сегодня расскажу как добавить друзей в игре и поделюсь парой тактик для командной игры. Поехали! Вкратце о игре и поехали смотреть как гамать в команде. И так кузин роял это в первую очередь королевская битва и пародия на всевозможные игры в этом жанре. Персонажи […]

How to Make Tamales

Tamales are as beautiful as they are delicious. Wrapped and steamed in leaves, this Latin American treat can be made in so many variations. Just like the American Sandwich. Served as a special occasion food, in part because they take time to make, tamales are steamed corn meal dumplings filled with moist flavorful filling all […]

How to Make Boston Brown Bread | Smart Cookie Recipes | Allrecipes.com

(smooth bass music) – Hey everybody, welcome back to Smart Cookie. I’m your host, Elise Mayfield, and today we’re making bread in a can. Yes, we are in fact making canned bread today, it’s better known as Boston Brown Bread. This comes from a Colonial tradition, so this is a super old recipe, as old […]

Steamed Fish w/ Lime | Pla Neung Manao–Hot Thai Kitchen! ปลากะพงนึ่งมะนาว

today on how high to turn we're making backup aluminum so at v-tach welcome to hot pie kitchen today we're making possibly my favorite fish dish ever we're making black our whole Mingma now okay let's break it down bla means fish GARP home is a variety of fish that we typically used for this […]

Catch, Cook, Eat! BLUE CRABS!! How To Catch & Eat Crabs!

all right today we're going to be taking all these crap awesome you're going to be buying chicken next and go crabbing so basically if you guys want to see what we're using right quick this is called a crab pot so basically this local farm it opens up here and you can put your […]

SOLAR COOKING 46" Parabolic Mirror Solar Stove Solar Oven GreenPowerScience

you eleven I'm your host Dan Rojas and I have a frozen turkey patty which we're going to be cooking in this black cast iron pan this is a 46 inch deeper parabolic mirror the focal length on this acrylic mirror is about 17 to 18 inches and what I've done is I've made a […]

Let's Try Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale / Cuisine Royale

oh yeah it's a return to our this is promising what am I looking at here it's a return to one of our favorite pastimes where I launch into a battle royale game among the very long list of strange battle route games and we see if I can find a game or not and […]

NNRY; Iron Horse Cookery, Roasted Banana Treat; S2-E5

hi I'm mark president of Nevada Northern Railway here in Ely Nevada and I'd like to welcome you to this episode of Iron Horse cookery you know everyone knows preserving the steam locomotives is very important but it's actually the story of the people during the day these guys would work 16-hour days then take […]