Seth’s Mom Is Quitting Cooking After 50 Years of Marriage

-Hi, guys. How are you? -Hello. Got a gin and tonic. -Yeah. Yeah, you have a drink there. There’s your gin and tonic. I think you guys have a couple Scotches down there. I think they’re both here. -All right. -And we’ll do a quick toast to the continuing tradition. Congratulations on getting asked back. […]

One of Seth’s Writers Explains a Joke: Man Steals Saxophone

-A Virginia man was arrested this weekend after he allegedly stole a $5,000 saxophone during a reception at a science museum and took it to a pawnshop. When police apprehended him, he was winding his way down Baker Street. [ Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” plays ] [ Laughter ] This brings us to a segment […]

Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look

-The White House is now threatening to obstruct the impeachment inquiry and refusing to cooperate with subpoenas. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ As a candidate for president, Trump echoed years of empty Republican rhetoric about the sanctity of our Constitution and claimed that he wanted to restore the values […]

Dane Cook and Jimmy Compare Embarrassing Headshots

-Welcome back. I’m happy you’re here. How are you feeling? -It’s so good to be back. I feel great. -Yeah. -I feel — You know what? I feel great, but can I just — Can I get right into something that’s been on my mind lately? -Sure, of course. -I’m 47, Jimmy. And — Can […]

Kevin Farley Talks Comedy on the Road While Decorating Cookies | Treat Yourself |

– Hi everybody, I’m Kevin Farley and I’m gonna decorate this here cookie to look exactly like me, I think. Maybe we’ll start with some white frosting ’cause I’m white. I don’t have any confidence in this at all. You might recognize my voice from some of the characters on F is for Family. I […]

Dane Cook Gets Candid About the Backlash Against His Act – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

– You do have to reinvent yourself. I remember a therapist telling me that, she’s like everyone in show business you have to – She specifically said you need to reinvent yourself, you know I’ve seen your act. – Dye your hair blonde. – She’s here like you’ve never said a funny thing in your […]

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Shows Seth How to Cook Thai Turkey Bowls

-We’re here with Antoni Porowski, who you know as the food expert on Netflix’s Emmy-winning “Queer Eye.” Thank you so much for being here. -Thank you for having me. -I really appreciate it. So, this is something that is inspired by a dish you make at your restaurant. -It’s a double whammy because we want […]

PRANKED! Served her own food in top restaurant 😂 – BBC

OK, now, ladies and gentlemen, what is more important on Christmas Day itself than lunch? Personally, huge fan. Who loves a Christmas lunch, by way of applause? Who could not? But of course, it needs to be prepared, so can I ask, by way of applause, who cooks Christmas lunch? Anyone in this room who […]

Rodney Dangerfield’s Top 10 Jokes About His Wife’s Cooking

– Oh yeah, my wife can’t do nothin’ right. She can’t cook, the worst cook in the world. Gave my kid alphabet soup, he spelled out help. (audience laughing) What a lousy cook, I mean, how can toast have bones? (audience laughing) She’s a lousy cook, too, she can’t cook at all. I leave dental […]

Unlikely things to hear on a gardening programme | Mock The Week – BBC

Unlikely things to hear on a gardening programme. And this is the soil where I spread my seed last week, in fairness I didn’t know the cameras were on. Well they look like onions but they’re not onions. They’re my testicles. I got the lawnmower from Halfords, I got the rake from B&Q, and I […]