creeper in my apartment

So, I kept on finding food missing in my apartment that I knew I wasn’t eating. I confronted my girlfriend, who lives with me about it and SHE claimed she wasn’t eating it. So, I decided *I’m* going to set up a video camera and I’m going to go CATCH her. This is what I […]

PAUSE CHALLENGE w/ Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours! Squishy Food vs. Real Food (Game Master spy Wins)

– Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca and I am back, and I’m so excited because thanks to you guys, we stopped the event. So even though the RZ Twin escaped– – And she tried to replace you. – The Game Master said for now we could back to doing our fun videos, which I’m so excited […]

Weird Wonderful Women | Episode 7 – Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker Born 1906, died 1975. Josephine was born as Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis, Missouri. Josephine grew up in a low income neighbourhood mainly comprised of brothels. She made her stage debut at one year old, when she accompanied her parents on stage for the finale of their vaudeville act. She attending elementary […]

Kids Craft Ideas Teaser | Quick & Easy Crafts for Kids | Baker Ross

[音楽] delf b 2 [音楽] voodoo

Total Player – 39, I Killed – 10 | Dinner Served With Cuisine Royale Wanted Batch…