The Performance Kitchen with Rachael Burford

Joe: Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of the Performance Kitchen. Every episode, I’ll be joined by a pro athlete at the very top of their sport who’ll take over this kitchen and show us what they really eat before and after they compete. Today I’m joined by Great Britain and England rugby […]

Make Vegetarian Soup With Exercise Equipment ASMR – How Cook

Stop Motion Cooking – Make Vegetarian Soup With Exercise Equipment ASMR 4K

Have you ever been in an exercise situation without losing weight? Check out this video to see how she works!

How to do a backflip ft. Chen Yile | Olympians’ Tips

My name is Chen Yile, 2018 Asian Games gymnastics champion. I am going to explain how to do a backflip. It’s one of the easiest moves in gymnastics, and it’s a move we have to learn when we start training. Let me explain it. First, stand with your feet close together, then lift up your […]

Les 5 supers aliments pour un sportif // LA CUISINE DE TRYPHON & SIMON

Hello Welcome to the Kitchen and Simon Tryphon Today I’ll tell you about the five super foods that you can consume daily First garlic Garlic is a powerful anti-oxidant you can use it to fight against aging Then spirulina Here it is found in the form of gellule You can consume it in the form […]

Simon Baker über seine Wandertour auf den Pilatus

Es ist natürlich wunderschön hier! Jedes Mal, als ich schon vorher hier war, bin ich im See schwimmen gegangen und habe mir die Berge angeschaut. Nur angeschaut? Ja, einfach von hier. Und als ich gestern angekommen bin, habe ich den Leuten, die mich abgeholt haben, gesagt: «Hey, können wir in die Berge?» «Willst Du wirklich […]

Handy-Check mit Bastian Baker

Wie wichtig ist mir mein Handy? Es ist schon wichtig, jedoch hauptsächlich für die Arbeit. Die meiste Zeit geht es um geschäftliche Dinge. Angus und Julia Stone höre ich mir oft im Flugzeug an. Und, eigentlich noch lustig… Immer beim Take-Off höre ich mir, ähm, dies hier an: Pirates of the Caribbean, so geil! Also […]

NHL stars share their best food cooking tips

Temple Cuisine

weeks after the piece that you wrote about us and kind of veganism the the piece that you wrote for on jomkwan about about that experience was in T Magazine that's right it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever read and the photographs were just exquisite I mean that that must have I […]

Top Health Benefits Of Whiskey

ten surprising health benefits of whiskey number one it helps you avoid weight gain compared to a lot of mixed drinks and beers out there whiskey is a low calorie low sugar alcohol so you can enjoy it without having to late to worry about running off that dreaded beer gut number two it promotes […]