WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) ‣‣ no kitchen or fridge!

(relaxing music) – Hi friends, welcome back to another “What I Eat in a Day” video. Today I am filming a “What I Eat in a Day” that is only in our hotel, and like out and about in the city. Right now we’re in Seville, and actually this afternoon we’re gonna be driving to […]

Alex Polizzi samples Spanish cuisine – S1 E1 clip | Spectacular Spain with Alex Polizzi | Channel 5

This is my idea of heaven! That really is an explosion of egg. Indescribable. Beats having a sandwich on the motorway, let me tell you! It will cost you less than a service station sandwich too. Most of these pinchos are only a euro or two. It’s lucky I’m not on a diet because I […]

$1 Street Food Around The World

– Okay. (camera clicks) (cash register dings) (speaks in foreign language) (camera clicks) (cash register dings) (camera clicks) (cash register dings) (speaks in foreign language) (camera clicks) (cash register dings) (speaks in foreign language) (camera clicks) (cash register dings) (speaks in foreign language) (camera clicks) (cash register dings) (bright music)

EPIC Madrid Food Tour (10 AMAZING stops)

– Hey Spain lovers. You’re in Madrid for a couple of days and you wanna eat great food. You don’t wanna eat terrible food. Well, stick with me. On today’s Madrid food tour, I’m gonna show you the best 10 dishes to eat in the city and the best places to get them. (opera music) […]

How to make Paella: Delicious Spanish Rice with Seafood – Morgane Recipes

Paella is the best known Spanish dish in the world. For a festive and unforgettable moment, offer your guests a paella with chicken, chorizo and seafoods. There are many versions of paellas, so you can change the ingredients according to your preferences. Here I show you the basic recipe to get a dish where the […]

Spanish Cuisine: Madrid Food Guide

So it is three thirty PM in Madrid, which means it is lunch time. So we’re outside at a little patio right across from our hotel. And we’re going to be doing a battle of the soups. We plan on trying two different soups that are from the region of Córdoba, Andalusia in southern Spain. […]

Art Cooking: Salvador Dali | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Throughout history, food has served subject matter, inspiration, and, of course, sustenance for artists. Food has also been the art on a number of occasions. Today, we are exploring the gastronomic adventures of a most distinctive, distinguished, and delightfully deranged artist, known around the world by just two syllables, Dali. We’re working […]

Authentic Spanish Seafood Paella Recipe – Colab With Best Bites Forever

Paella the essence of Spanish cuisine you know there’s nothing more rewarding than serving up a well made paella so today I´m going to show you guys how to make an amazing seafood paella this paella has the perfect combination of seafood and other ingredinents to create an explosion of flavors while keeping the rice […]

Spanish Cooking – Salmon and Onions From 1750

Welcome to 18th century cooking. I’m Jon Townsend and today we’ll be going into some eighteenth-century Spanish cooking. We’ll be doing a poached salmon. Thanks for joining us today. (Theme music playing) (Music continues) (Theme music playing) For the next few episodes we’ll be concentrating on recipes that are not necessarily British cooking. So, a […]


Oh my god, guys. Look at that. That’s my foot. That’s a 150 foot cliff that I’m about to repel down. Sometimes I forget that I have a fear of heights. And then I get to places like this and I realize that I think I just pooped my pants. We just got to this […]