DIY Spaghetti Donuts

what’s going on sauce makers my name is Mark and this is saucestache – lunch break lunch break is my new show where I come home from work during lunch and try to make something interesting and fun on today’s episode we’re making the Instagram inspired spaghetti donuts so the spaghetti Donuts actually really simple […]

Classic Tomato Spaghetti | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello youtubers, welcome to my Kitchen. Today, I will show you a very basic recipe that everybody needs to know. I will show you how to make a proper tomato sauce. BUT! I will serve it with some spaghetti, whole grain spaghetti. To make the meal. I will put very little olive oil… Onion, garlic, […]


How to prepare “Spaghetti” Pot Cold water Spaghetti Salt Oil Light up the water After 20/25 minutes Pull it out with a carving fork Tomato or Ketchup 2 leaves of basil There you go Take a garbage bag Throw away the pasta Start again from the top How to prepare Spaghetti IN ITALY “Tiella” (big […]

Spaghetti & Meatballs | Gennaro Contaldo | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi lovely people. Today I’m going to make Spaghetti with meatballs. This is one of the dish my father used to make. What a memory, never forget. It was the flavour of the Parmesan and the garlic inside. They used to fried all these lovely meatballs. So I have here 250 grams of pork. 250 […]

How to Make Meatballs

How to Make Meatballs. You don’t have to be a top chef to make meatballs. Just follow the steps in this recipe, and you’ll have the perfect pasta accompaniment in no time. You will need Egg Sandwich roll 1 lb. ground beef 2 tsp. minced garlic Coarse salt and ground pepper 1 3/4 tsp. dried […]

Spaghetti Birthday Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon It is birthday season in our house and this cake is for my husbands birthday and the kids are making it for him. His favourite dinner is spaghetti and his cake of choice is carrot cake. So first of all to make the carrot cake […]

What’s the Best Way to Cook Pasta?

Listen: Pasta is delicious. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. “I LOVE PASTA! I mean … How could you not? I’m actually recording this from a bathtub full of cooked noodles right now. So. Anyway. Only three ingredients go into this delectable dish: eggs, water and flour. That gives you two main […]

How to Make Fresh Pasta with Bolognese Sauce – Behind the Recipe |

Behind every great meal, there’s a story. And behind every great recipe, there is a journey. Behind the recipe. When I think of comfort food, the one thing about comfort food is the way it brings you back to a time in your life where you have a good feeling, and it just makes you […]

Des pâtes, des lardons et de la crème… – Hangover Cuisine

Today, for Hangover Cuisine, we’re going to cook pasta: delicious carbo with creme fraîche and pancetta… No we’re not! Gotcha ! I’m really proud of my culinary prank but nope, we won’t cook carbonara. Because you know there’s no cream in carbonara. Instead we’re going to cook the perfect pasta for a big hangover day […]

Spaghetti Bowl Meal Prep Recipe Homemade – Spaghetti Bowl – HOW TO MEAL PREP SPAGHETTI EASY

hey YouTube welcome back to Kiwanis kitchen heinki wanna guys I am starting my meal prep series I am making up little spaghetti bowls for my kids to have throughout the week you guys know school start back as well so if you guys want to see how I make these bowls keep watching okay […]