Inside The Dish – Parkes CSIRO Radio Telescope tour

Just before we go across just a couple of words of caution whenever you’re within the Ring Road there the helmet must stay on okay it’s not because we think the dish will collapse on you it’s more things might drop off tools or cricket balls or anything we leave up there when we’re playing […]

The Dish and the great beyond

[Theme music plays] (Glen Paul) G’day, and welcome to CSIROvod, I’m Glen Paul. As you’ve probably figured with the Dish sitting behind me there, I’m at CSIRO’s Parkes Observatory on what is a rather windy day, which is going to make things a little bit scary because we’re going to go up onto the Dish. […]

How to Make a Sink, Countertop, Tap and Water System // Studio Kitchen – Ep. 3

Today we’re making a countertop, a sink and the coolest tap ever. Let’s get started! There isn’t a square angle in this place or even a straight wall or floor, so it means that I need to cut the right side of the countertop at an angle to make things look right. If I rest […]

What’s the recipe for an exoplanet? | Science News

Solar systems follow a pretty generic recipe. To begin, combine hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon into a cloud of gas and dust. Sprinkle with magnesium, iron and silicon. Spin until the cloud forms a star and a planetary disk. Wait 10 million years, or until lumps form in the disk. And voila! [snap] You’ve baked […]

Cook Your Meat Online!

*Toilet flushing* Oh! Hey. Michael here. Uhh didn’t know you’d be waiting right outside the R-room. That’s what the cool kids are calling them nowadays. I know it looks like I just used it and didn’t wash my hands and I didn’t but I didn’t actually just use the R-room. Yeah this was acting. Hollywood […]

High & Fines Herbes : Episode 1 (édition 420) – Saison 1

High & Fines Herbes it goes all out Everything’s organic bitch* All good? So what do we have tonight? Sour Diesel mixed with L.A. Confidential F*ck… Confidential ! So it’s an hybrid The Plug has given me notes He tells me that it’s a true diesel, it’s gasoline And it has a strong effect, he […]

IKEA Small Spaces – Creating a small kitchen that can handle your biggest recipes

Hello, my name is Anna Hallberg and I work as an interior designer at IKEA. If you’re one of those who have big cooking dreams– –and love those big country kitchens– –but live in a small apartment in the city– –we have made a solution for you in 7 square meters. Usually small kitchens are […]

DIY Galaxy Lollipops, Corinne VS Cooking

*Galactic Music* Corinne: Woah, dude! This sh*t is crazy! What up, Internet? Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne vs The Galaxy! Yes! Today, I’m trying a project that’s been suggested a gazillion times. The galaxy lollipops. “Stuttering Noise” Hold on. Let me fix this real quick. *Banging Noise* Phew! That should do it! Are you […]

31 Beautiful IKEA Kitchens

Welcome to the interior design channel! This video is about IKEA kitchens. Beautiful, modern kitchen. Kitchen with a small island. Country style kitchen. Write in comments which kitchen did you like more. Thank you for watching!

Chris Hadfield’s Space Kitchen

Let’s talk about space food. In the early days of space exploration, food was mostly squeezed out of tubes and brought up in dehydrated packets. But today we can have quite a variety of food. There’s all sorts of things that we normally consume on Earth that we have here in space. We just need […]