Southern Grandmas React To Kid Cuisine – Bonus Cut! | Southern Living

(giggles) It’s like a little children’s treat. Kid’s Cuisine, that’s exactly what it is. Really? Well, this is interesting. Yeah, no thank you. (chuckles) Oh, it’s kiddie meal. I love TV dinners. We used to eat those a lot. Did you really? Well, yours looks better than mine. (laughing snort) Kid Cuisine, I do believe […]

Episode 4: Southern Living Showcase Home – Prep Kitchen

We are now in the prep kitchen, and this is my favorite room of the whole house. It was a utility room and still is a utility room. Silverton decided to solve the problem of the mess being out in the entertainment kitchen in bringing it back here. They added appliances so that you could […]

Southern Shrimp and Grits with Chef Erin Murray | Southern Living

(upbeat music) We’re making shrimp and grits today, and this is the shrimp and grits that I make when I have company coming over. We got these grits today from a miller based in Oxford, Mississippi, called the Original Grit Girl. There aren’t that many female millers in the country and she’s one of the […]

PURPLE DOOR UPDATE: Cooking our first meal on the new range!

The Secret To Making The Best Watermelon Margarita | Tips From The Test Kitchen | Southern Living