Rice soup with “failed” meatballs / Simple cooking with Julia Ride

Hello guys. My name is Iuliia Ride and in this video we will be cooking soup with meatballs that DIDNOT survive DID NOT SURVIVE But let’s start from the beginning When water is about to boil, make little meatballs and them down into it. I’m using ground pork mixed with shredded onion, salt and pepper. […]


Mustard Greens Sour Soup Recipe – Cooking Soup – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i going to cook mustard green soup with fish anabas testudineus snakehead fish a little shrimp fresh tamarind garlic galanga fresh tamarind leaves kaffir lime leaves rice paddy lemon grass leaves mustard green and other ingredients fish paste salt soup powder sugar fish sauce

Comfort Corn Chowder

Today on The Stay At Home Chef I’m showing you how to make Comfort Corn Chowder My friend Megan introduced me to this recipe many, many years ago and it is a total comfort food family favorite. You are going to love it! It’s the perfect soup to eat on a cold day. Start by […]

Chicken Noodle Soup – Quick, Easy, DELICIOUS!

Hi everyone welcome back, today I’m gonna show you my quick and easy chicken noodle soup. It’s so tasty you won’t want to go back to shop bought. To start, we’re gonna heat a tablespoon of oil in the pan, we’re going to add four chicken drumsticks to the pan you can use drumsticks or […]

Snake Sour Soup Recipe – Cooking Snakes – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i cook snake sour soup recipe snake big then have ingredient and vegetable onion fresh tamarind lemon grass culantro and green onion chili turmeric garlic sweet basil red onion tamarind galanga fish sauce salt soup powder and sugar kaffir lime leaves put salt soup powder sugar fish sauce

EASY DETOX LENTIL SOUP ‣‣ healthy vegan dinner idea

(bright music) – Hi, friends, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got an awesome recipe for you. We are making a detox lentil soup, but we are flavoring it with really amazing Moroccan spices. So this is a soup that I know is going to warm […]

Magnolia Table’s Tomato Soup | RecipesTested

Oh welcome to RecipesTested. I’m Breanna Robinson and today for RecipesTestOber, I am going to be doing the Magnolia tables version of tomato soup and tomato soup to me it’s just that’s that’s fall you know I’m a huge tomato soup lover if you guys follow me on Instagram you know that tomato soup just […]

Sesbania Grandiflora Sour Soup Recipe – Cooking Vegetable hummingbird – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i cook sesbania grandiflora sour soup recipe leaves and flower and this is flower white and red then have natural fish crabs fresh chili fresh tamarind lemon grass leaves rice paddy herb turmeric and kaffir lime leaves see me do it together my other ingredients is fish paste salt sugar

Red Lentil Soup Recipe

Hi there, my name is Amrita, I’m also known as a Frugalista and the creator of Pretty Frugal Living.  Please head over to my channel and subscribe if you want to see some high flair and low cost ideas for living pretty.  Now I’m really excited to partner with Kin Community for this eat cheap […]