Do You Need the Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Welcome back to Kitchen Gadgets. I’m here with the Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream maker that retails at $68.99 I’m super excited for this because as soon as I laid eyes on it I was like, “I kind of want that!” Right off the bat you see you have a lever that dispenses your soft […]

Desserts at Busch Stadium

as you know a lot of folks come to our baseball game who's not gonna have the lunch and dinner depending the time the game is what a lot of people forget is that we also have a variety of desserts through the ballpark just as many different hotdogs and nachos we have we have […]

Play Doh Rainbow Swirl, Ice Cream Sandwich, Donut & More Desserts!

hey everyone awesome Disney toys here and today I'm bringing you another play-doh rainbow activity so we've done the rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich a rainbow donut and now we're gonna be doing a rainbow ice cream swirl I can't wait to get started all you need to make this is white play-doh red orange yellow […]