10 of the Worlds Smallest Foods that You Can Eat!

Matthias: Did you really get yours without tomato? Tanner: Told you I don’t like tomatoes. It’s just a water fruit. Matthias: You literally requested his mini burger without tomatoes. Tanner: I don’t think I ever did. Matthias: I can’t right now. Matthias: Hello. Welcome to Dope or Nope. Today, is a video more elegant than […]

DIY Food Hacks! 23 Food Life Hacks for Kids and School!

Fancy ice creams with kooky fruit or chocolate pieces are usually really expensive while you get plain vanilla ones for way cheaper A big box can cost you as little as a couple of bucks and with the simple hack I’m about to show you you can transform your vanilla ice cream into the yummiest […]

Pantry Staples for Easy Vegan Cooking 🍽️

Want to know some of the essential pantry staples to have on hand for healthy vegan cooking? Keep watching. Hello I’m Ann, and I’m Chloe, and we are Veggie Magnifique, and today we’re talking about something really helpful – how to keep your kitchen pantry stocked with whole foods. These foods are our go-to staples […]

Healthy Snacks With 3 Ingredients! | paleo recipes

so I’m back with another healthy snacks video these ones are super easy to make I want to show you guys that snacks don’t have to be like super elaborate or fancy to be healthy they’re all really quick easy and delicious if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and let’s go make some healthy […]

How to Cook Healthy Food! 10 Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas & Snacks for School, Work!

In this video, I’ll show you ten quick and healthy breakfast and lunch ideas for school or work These recipes are perfect for days when you’re running late and you want to have something nutritious to eat and tasty on the go. Hey Mom! I’m good! I just got back from school and now I’m […]

10 Ridiculous Cooking Products!

oh look at that it’s working I don’t even think it needs to be hot it looks like you’re popping a pimple yeah that’s disgusting what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to a brand new video Tanner has joined me the man who will eventually take over my channel has joined me […]

Meatball-Stuffed Garlic Bread Sliders – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comma with meatball stuffed garlic bread sliders that’s right i’m going to show you a very simple technique for turning a plain old package of dinner rolls into a stellar slab of what are basically mini meatball subs and while I’m not sure exactly what occasion you’ll […]

♨ബേക്കിംഗ് സോഡയില്ലാതെ വെട്ടു കേക്ക് ഉണ്ടാക്കാം | Super Easy Vettu Cake | Snacks #126

hi welcome to Malabar kitchen today we can see how to make kannur special cake within few minutes so today am using 250 gm of all purpose flour for this recipe if you want to make more you can double the measurements take a big bowl for knead the dough for 250 gm flour 1 […]

Stuffed Puff Cookie Sandwich | Cooking with Marshmello

Welcome lovelies to cooking with marshmallow. Did you notify your mom over for Mother’s Day? It was so fun when we had her here last time Well, I suppose we’ll have to make her something instead how about some stuffed puff cookie sandwiches We’ll need a flour cocoa baking soda cayenne cinnamon salt butter sugar […]

Sweet Corn Khasta Kachori Recipe| Sweet Corn Ki Kachori|Monsoon treat!

to make the filling for the kachoris boiled sweet corn this is about 200 grams an equal amount or slightly more of chopped onions 2 potatoes boiled and grated coriander powder chaat masala powder turmeric powder garam masala powder red chilli powder salt and some grated ginger chopped coriander leaves and stalk and some chopped […]