BDSM Food Porn Star – Mini-Mocks

– [Eden] Don’t play with your food is good advice, so I don’t play with mine, I dominate it. I’m Eden and I make BDSM food porn. People think this is just food play, but it’s more than that. I’m humiliating food to relish the power relationship I have with it. You like that you […]

[SUB ESP / ENG] {161119} NCT Life Korean Cuisine King EP 05

[The indigenous beauty and value of Korean food] [NCT, fascinated by Korean food] [Korean dish challenge NCT LIFE] [TAEIL, Korean, June 14 1994] [TAEYONG, Korean, July 1, 1995] [YUTA, Japanese, October 26, 1995] [DOYOUNG, Korean, February 1, 1996] [TEN, Thai, February 27, 1996] [JAEHYUN, Korean, February 14, 1997] [WINWIN, Chinese, October 28, 1997] [NCT LIFE, […]

[SUB ESP / ENG] {161105} NCT Life Korean Cuisine King EP 03

[Korean food, the beauty it beholds] [NCT is taken by Korean cuisine] [Korean dish challenge] [TAEIL, Korean, Jun 14 1994] [TAEYONG, Korean, Jul 1, 1995] [YUTA, Japanese, Oct 26, 1995] [DOYOUNG, Korean, Feb 1, 1996] [TEN, Thai, Feb 27, 1996] [JAEHYUN, Korean, Feb 14, 1997] [WINWIN, Chinese, Oct 28, 1997] [NCT LIFE, Korean dish challenge] […]

SUPER JUNIOR-Happy 슈퍼주니어-해피 '요리왕 (Cooking? Cooking!)' MV