Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker | In the Kitchen With Pampered Chef

– Hi, I’m Sandy, and I’m back in the kitchen with Pampered Chef. Slow cooking and pressure cooking offer people a convenient way to get food on the table without a lot of hassle. If you’ve ever been wondering when to use a slow cooker versus when to use a pressure cooker, you’re not alone. […]


[Applause] hey guys happy Saturday she's got chaga it's a hot one out there I'm looking out on my tomato plant in my eggplant they seem to be holding strong I read on the interwebs that here's the deal with my tomato plant and why I have so much hope for for its future I […]

Slow Cooker Barbecued Pulled Pork | Easy Crock Pot Recipes

The Best Beef Burrito Recipe | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

there's this amazing thing that happens you take an inexpensive cut of meat put it in a pressure cooker with a bunch of vegetables a little broth let it cook for a while take it out shred it and then make this amazing restaurant style burrito oh boy you're gonna dig today you are gonna […]

Freezer Meals! Easy Healthy Lunch & Dinner Recipes – Mind Over Munch

Howdy muncher pals, I know you guys love mealprep and I get requests all the time for slow cooker meals and dinner mealsso I am super excited to share these three freezer meals with you. All three ofthese meals are super easy to make. I am showing you 2 slow cooker meals whichare Vegan or […]


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Instant Pot Recipes: 3 Non-Food Things You Can Make with an Instant Pot

300,000 instant pots were sold on prime day last month now with more and more cookbooks and recipes out every day it seems there's no limit to the ways people use it so let's try making non-food items in the instant pot on the to-do list just cuz you bought that instant pot in the […]

🍎Jamerrill's Slow Cooker APPLESAUCE and APPLE BUTTER ❤️| Crockpot Recipes

– Welcome back today, friends. I am going to do a bunchof slow cooker apple sauce and when I'm done showingyou how I do the homemade slow cooker applesauce,then we're gonna do some homemade apple butter. If you're new here, my name's Jamerrill. This is Large Family Tableand I only know Mega and Lots and […]


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Oxtail Stew | Oxtail Stew Recipe | Crock Pot Recipes

what's good at everybody hey welcome to soul food Sunday hey listen this video right here is just one part in the three-part series listen we're doing a three-part collaboration with three channels myself we got soul food cooking and then we got red bag kids in Korea you know what one way to kind […]