Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris Cooks Fish

My cooking skills have not progressed since college. I make spaghetti, and eggs, and… – Chris: and fish. – Burnie: There you go. Fish is so complicated to make! – C: No it isn’t, no it isn’t. – Jon: No it’s not. Not my fish. If you just get some fish that are raw – […]

When your Wife Cooks | Sunny Jafry | Shahida

Hello! Where you going? Come here. Come sit here. Hello sir. Hello! Hey Bob! Grab him a cup of tea. Bob extra cream please! With a side of coconut biscuits. Coconut biscuit? Get up! Where were you for the past 3 days. The situation was.. My wife’s maid died.. That’s why I couldn’t come to […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cooking Naked

Chris: Do you see that video of that guy throwing the- the air can… into an oven indoors? Gus: Oh, yeah, it was like a wood-burning stove? *Gavin laughs* When it- when it exploded it, looked like… … shrapnel and bullets, coming straight at the camera, for like a frame or two, You see like… […]

Trapped GIANT SPIDER Lost In the Kitchen!

– [Missy] Uh … yeah, there’s no tarantula in here. – We don’t sleep until that thing’s been found! (bright poppy music) ♪ Let’s show them our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Good morning, guys, and welcome back to Daily Bumps. If you’re new, make sure you […]


Yes! Hey! I got your pizza for you! – Thank you! – No problem, dude. Uhm… Somebody ate some. Woah! Uh, I don’t know who did that. – Well, whats on your- – Gotta figure that out. Is that sauce on your mouth? No, there’s no sauce. Is that – what is that on your […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Anarchist Cooking with Burnie

Burnie: The first purpose of the Internet was to deliver this document called The Anarchist cookbook. Which told you how to make smoke bombs, and real bombs, and napalm, and so At 13 I, very stupidly, downloaded this thing and it told me how to make napalm. One step in this was boiling gasoline, and […]

Tony Baker – I Hate Flying Out Of LAX | All Def Stand-Up

(laid back music) – I don’t like how stressful LAX is. They need to chill out at LAX. They be turnt up at all times. Calm down man, shit. Calm down, they’d be yelling like when I fly out of Bur- I live in Burbank. When I fly out of there, it’d be smooth sailing. […]

Hope vs Noah Kitchen Duty Battle! SuperHeroKids Skits in Real Life w/ Alice in Wonderland Game

Hey kids we’re getting ready to head out on a date. Make sure you get the dishes done by 9 o’clock. And make sure you two get along Okay! Have fun on your date. Bye! See you later! I’m bored. I’m not. Oh, I know! Noah do you want to play with me? Not right […]

HOT vs COLD Food SwitchUp Challenge | #Fun #Kids #MyMissAnand

its too hot!! I want to eat something cold no something hot you want to eat hot and I want cold lets ask Mummy Mummy I want to eat something cold while she want something hot want to do some challenge?? but what's fun in this challenge?? lets do it with Switch up challenge today […]

Hello Neighbor Kitchen Cooking VR Game (FGTEEV Makes Food in Virtual Reality)

you got it whoa whoa [Applause] this is actually freaking me out oh it was some shitty TV daddy now listen this is kind of crazy because as a father I've always said my kids aren't the gullible type that ones that think that what they see on YouTube is always real or your son […]