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Jamie Oliver’s principles for superb salads

right guys I want to show you a little bit about Salads. Get you into it, get you understanding it – a lot of people, a lot of restaurants, a lot of shops do salads so, so bad and they can be excitin,g colorful, tasty. And I eat them every day because I want to, […]

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Food Street of Kharadar, Karachi | Pizza Fries, Qadir Chat, Sanober Icecream | Pakistani Street Food

Assalam-u-Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak and right I’m in the Kharadar Area, Karachi. Kharadar is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Karachi… …and also its the birthplace of the Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Behind me is the Lyari General Hospital & just opposite to it is this amazing Food Street. It wouldn’t […]

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Street Food in Old Karachi | Aalo ki Bhujya, Bhindi, Palak, Mash ki Dal | Pakistani Vegetarian Food

Assalam o alikum, my name is Zia Tabarak and riht now i am in the old city area of karachi behind me is i i chundrigar road and this way is MA jinnah road and memon masjid there you can see the head office of bank alfalah aswell when you come from bank alfalah towards […]

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