Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris Cooks Fish

My cooking skills have not progressed since college. I make spaghetti, and eggs, and… – Chris: and fish. – Burnie: There you go. Fish is so complicated to make! – C: No it isn’t, no it isn’t. – Jon: No it’s not. Not my fish. If you just get some fish that are raw – […]

Is this $200 Cast Iron Pan Better than the Lodge? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Another day, another gadget. Today we’re testing the Butter Pat Cast Iron for $195. Like, super luxury. Compared to the Lodge at $30. So here it is, this is the Butter Pat. It doesn’t look like your normal cast iron, like the Lodge. And I love the Lodge, I love this, and it’s affordable, […]

How to Cook Fresh Edamame with Shells with Perfect Saltiness – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

hi everyone welcome to create eat happy business altogether today I’m going to show you how to cook fresh edamame with shells if you know fresh edamame is best eaten on the day you bought or they will lose flavor day by day okay now to start cut off both ends of the pods with […]

14 Interesting Facts About Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware

14 Interesting Facts About Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware According to WIKIPEDIA, cast iron pans have been used by chefs for the past 2000 years. Cast iron ovens and cauldrons have been in use for so long, perhaps we have lost sight of their amazing properties. And who better to rediscover your love for cast […]

Ba’corn (Cheesy Bacon Corn Gratin) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes calm with bay corn that’s right if you like bacon and you like corn you are absolutely gonna love this cheesy jalapeno and bacon spike creamed corn which I’m officially presenting as a side dish but truth be told I actually ate this all by itself and […]

How To Cook With Cast Iron

– [Narrator] We use cast iron skillets all the time in the Tasty Kitchen for a million different reasons. They’re virtually indestructible, they last forever, and unlike a lot of things you’re gonna have in the kitchen, they actually tend to get better with age. People are often a little bit intimidated by cast iron, […]

Essential Kitchen Tools | Basics with Babish

Cooking is harder than ordering takeout, or microwaving a frozen entree, or having your parents cook for you. It takes a financial investment, lots of practice, time, and patience. Why do it? Well, first off, and this is gonna sound simple-minded but stick with me: cooking is attractive. Like playing guitar, it demonstrates your prowess […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie in Cast Iron

hi there I make no apologies for this one because this is quite simply a very decadent pie it's a chocolate chip cookie pie which simply means it's a pie with a cookie crust and a chocolate chip cookie filling it's extremely decadent and probably has about 10,000 calories of serving so if this turns […]

How to Cook an Egg in a New Cast Iron Skillet Without It Sticking

hi everyone so today's video is about cast-iron pans and I'm also going to do a quick little recipe one that I often make in the frying pan when I want a quick easy and very tasty and healthy meal so hang in there we'll try this out so one of the things that kept […]