Grilling | BEST-EVER BBQ SHRIMP | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC] Shrimp?>>Queen.>>[LAUGH] >>Shrimp! [LAUGH] >>You’re so rude.>>Hey everybody.>>[LAUGH]>>Welcome to How to Feed a Loon.>>The rude edition.>>No, no, no. Just keeping it real. My name is Kris! >>And I’m Wesley.>>The best->>The->>Queen there ever was in the world.>>[LAUGH]>>No, we’re so excited that you are->>The loon.>>No, the loon, the loon. Here today on How to Feed a Loon, […]

Chicken Satay | Malaysian Skewered Meat Satay [Nyonya Cooking]

Hi guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking! In this video, we are preparing a dish that goes really well with the peanut sauce that I prepared earlier If you want to check out that video, click over here Today, we are going to prepare a very famous dish that is known world wide Everyone knows what […]

Bacon Blitz Potato Skewers – Tailgating Recipe f/ Heather Cox