Cooking the Books | Black Books Season 1 Episode 1 | Dead Parrot

I don’t know, Nick. You’re the accountant. – These books… – Yeah, I know. – Hello? – Maybe. I’m not sure. – Bernard! Excuse me! – Yeah.. – Excuse me. I just wonder if… Hel… It’ll be much simpler this time, Nick. Honestly. The accounts are in order. OK. Well. I’ll see you in an […]

If Cooking Shows Were Even More Pretentious

(bright upbeat music) – [Man] Food is art and art is food and food is in fact art. – It’s a bit of a stereotype in the chef community that chefs are rude (beeping). (woman yelling) – Shut my nuts. (beeping) – Her restaurant wasn’t just food. It was a concept. – She really mixed […]

5 Tips on Cooking for One | CH Shorts

(chiming) – Hey, guys. Grant, here. If you’re single like me, you might have tough time cooking or grocery shopping without throwing away a ton of food. You might also have a Peter Pan Complex and the feeling that no one loves you because deep down, you don’t deserve it. Here are five tips to […]

Julien cuisine avec Yannick De Martino

axe et sert aujourd’hui de temps en formation dont je souhaitais maison prend des notes qui m’appelle chef aq et chef béton chapeau cuisine rapport à soi on a quatre gros hsma il ya deux francs et moi je les aime à saint lô des groupes gers hérault mais ça sent drôlement la merde maintenant […]

TVF Bachelors | S02E03 – Bachelors vs Cooking

So here’s the plan. The maid comes in exactly at 9:00 in the morning, she rings the bell at 9:20 and enters the house with the duplicate key at 9:25. I gave it to her, so we don’t have to wake up. Why does she ring the bell then? -Point, we’ll discuss this tomorrow. -Let’s […]

Un Repas Presque Pas Fait – Le Monde à L’Envers

Aujourd’hui,dans un repas presque pas fait On se retrouve chez Katia 27 ans fan de Christophe Mae L’huile d’olive par contre je sais pas si elle est encore bonne je l’ai pris dans le placard Ha,ouais ça compte Et sans plus attendre,nous découvrons toute suite qui se cache derrière ce menu,selon les invités Pour ce […]

Cooking With Jeff Goldblum and Special Guest

(hums)(snaps) ♪ To come home to ♪ ♪ You'd be so ♪ – You'd be so nice to come home to. Ahhh, my name is Jeff Goldblum and welcome I say to you, Ah to another segment of what we're calling Cooking with Jeff. That's what we called it last time. You may put the, […]

HOT vs COLD Food SwitchUp Challenge | #Fun #Kids #MyMissAnand

its too hot!! I want to eat something cold no something hot you want to eat hot and I want cold lets ask Mummy Mummy I want to eat something cold while she want something hot want to do some challenge?? but what's fun in this challenge?? lets do it with Switch up challenge today […]

We Ate Worms, Brains, and Hair! | Gummy VS Real Challenge #1

Ohhhhhh No No No No No He doesn't want to be eaten Which would you rather eat, A gummy pizza, or a real pizza? How about a giant gummy worm or a real worm? Let's find out on real or gummy! All right, here we go! *spin* Brain. It's from my favorite animal to eat! […]

Robert Commis d'Office – Le Monde à L'Envers

Aujourd’hui j'ai été commis d'office pour redresser une abominable criminel culinaire, Patricia Une énorme Normande qui assassine un grand classique du bœuf et du bourguignon. J'ai nommé, le bœuf bourguignon. Déjà vu comme ça, ça donne pas trop envie. – Salut à tous, moi c'est Patricia, j'ai 32 ans, 32 ans de connerie, enfin c'est […]