and minimalists hello everybody welcome to the minimalist podcast where we discuss what it means to live a meaningful life with less my name is Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus is out on assignment today that assignment is vacation in Montana so I have I have two guys here with me listen last few […]

What I Eat in a Day | Clean Eating Meals | Holistic Health

hey guys and welcome back to my channel I'm Chelsea diamond thank you for being here one of my recent videos I did was about how I stay healthy and I talked a little bit about how I believe in holistic health mind body and soul and when I talked about body I talked about […]

Paris micro-apartment stacks kitchen, bed, bath in 129 sq ft

in Paris the rents are really high it's really expensive this is typical in this neighborhood yeah so we have a lot of small spaces and and we have to take about advantage of every centimeter so we create a platform and decide we have okay we can open it and we have a bed […]

The Power of Home Cooking | Lucinda Scala Quinn | TEDxRVA

I have a passion for the power of home cooking in 1996 when Hillary Clinton published it takes a village to raise a child I had three young boys at home called her ten miles six and Luca too and what I really thought at that time was really it takes a dinner table because […]