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Easy Banana Recipes

Hi. I’m Maggie Meyer, senior food editor of Better Homes and Gardens. And one of the things I’m loving right now are bananas. Everybody has got them on their counter, but there are so many fun new recipes for them, especially when it comes to desserts and snacks. One thing I’m loving right now is […]

Mastering Your Quinoa || Henry’s Kitchen

(soft music) – How many times has this happened to you? – A friend of yours asks if you can do some kind of favor and you really don’t wanna do it, but you say “OK, sure,” and you kind of hem and haw about it for a little bit and walk around saying, “How […]


Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it is Barry here, strap yourself in, if my kitchen had a seatbelt right now I would be strapping up because today we are making a stonking Philly Cheese Steak ciabatta and it is amazingly good, so so easy and just tastes absolutely stonking […]

How to make GRAVY

This episode of Todd’s kitchen is brought to you by San Remo. Creating recipes for the whole family Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen as you know i hate prepackaged ingredients and gravy is no exception to that fact it not only taste bland from the shops its also more expensive. So join me today […]

Cooking a chicken in a Watermelon! | Barry tries #19

1 Minute Mug Cake Recipes: 5 Easy & Impressive Mug Cakes Made in the Microwave

(Music) Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Microwave Mug Cakes Mug Cakes are great for so many reasons: they’re really quick to mix, take seconds to bake, and they require no oven. I’ve spent the week eating cake after cake all in the name of research to bring you guys the BIGGEST & BOLDEST mug cakes out […]

Welcome to John’s Kitchen

Hi My names John and Welcome to John’s kitchen If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe. See more at www.johnsfoodanddrink.com

Afghan Paneer with Raisins recipe – EID Special 2015 kishmish panir ‘Afghan Cuisine’

intro music. hello and welcome friends to this video. today i will prepare Authentic Paneer. i hope you all like it. A lot of Subscribers asked for this recipe, here it is. 1L Milk 2% 2tbsp vinegar And also a piece of white Cloth see, looks like this thin will be used to drain the […]