'Loneliness: The Silent Health Crisis' – The Feed

[Taps mic] This thing on?Just how far would you go to connect with other people? This is Alanis Morissette's 'Hand In MyPocket' and I'm sorry for what's about to happen. Singing karaoke to a roomful ofstrangers, in an outback town, sober, may seem extreme but for this story I'vegotten way out of my comfort zone. […]

OMG ! Two Beautiful Girl Cooking Food Recipe at Evening In silent Forest

Basic Dining Etiquette – The Dessert and Coffee

hello I'm Nancy Mitchell with the etiquette advocate and we are talking about dining etiquette we are now going to focus on dessert dessert has been served it comes with coffee or tea how do we proceed we earlier moved our dessert utensils from above our place setting to the left in the right of […]