I Couldn’t Get Job Even At Fast Food So I Opened My Company Instead

Hi guys! I bet all of you have been rejected, maybe you’ve heard something like, “Sorry, but you’re not good enough.” I know that this can be really discouraging. And I know that a lot of people have felt miserable when hearing “no” as an answer. But I don’t want you to be like them. […]

Dinner Date: Just Desserts – Simon's Cat (A Valentines Special)| SHORTS #62

( ♫ Simon's Cat Theme ♫) Mmm. Ta-da! (gasps nervously) (munching) (gasps) (laughing nervously) Hey… (slurps) Mmm-hmm… Hmm… (slurps water) Heh-heh.. Ehh? Mmm… BOTH: Che- (barfs) Eeehh… (yelps) Wait, (fading) wait! (both gobbling) (gulps) (♫ End Music ♫) (Subscribe to Simon's Cat)