Coping with Anxiety – Mental Health Coffee Chat

everyone welcome to my channel my name is Kassandra and today we're doing another edition of coffee chats where I get to sit down with you and talk to you guys about more personal subject matters and things that you know really mattered to me and also matter to you guys so a while back […]

Prioritizing a Healthy Lifestyle with a BUSY Schedule | Fitness Vlog

there's two types of pre-workout in the world Matt and mine good morning everyone good morning Philadelphia today is Thursday February 8th and it's 10:02 a.m. Matt and I are on our way to the gym we're gonna get swole gonna pump some iron gonna get huge the process but eventually all right yeah I […]

FULL DAY OF SELF CARE (mental health day)

good morning everyone it's 7:00 a.m. and look how bright it already is it is finally starting to feel like summer so far like I was awake but if I wasn't I'd be really pissed this is kondal life hi guys so I know not the best angle not the best lighting but I just […]

Mental health tips from 75 therapists

I'm dr. Ali Mattu clinical psychologist and I asked all my therapist friends to share their favorite mental health tips 75 responded and I'm gonna share my favorite tips with you and help you apply them to your life today the most common response I got is about connecting with people like bernardo p who […]

5 Mental Health Hacks: Self Care

hey guys so today I'm going to be revisiting a series that is very near and dear to my heart it's my kind of mental health well-being series I will link the playlist for this kind of series below if you do want to check it out but for today's video I'm going to be […]

My Sunday Routine | Cleaning, Self Care, Planning, & Meal Prep | RENEE AMBERG

hey guys happy Sunday it is currently 9:30 I ended up teaching a few classes this morning I also sat on my patio and just kind of had my coffee and relax it was such a beautiful morning there was like a hummingbird outside there were people canoeing there was like this really white bird […]