Baker and Scone is Toronto’s destination for scones

I’m not gonna lie. I totally love having tea parties and the best treat that you can have at one are scones. Today, I’m headed over to Baker and Scones and they have 44 different types of scones on a rotating basis. That includes flavours like cheddar dill and chive and triple berry vanilla. Ooh, […]

WHAT ARE QUICK BREADS? | Quick Bread Overview

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel. I am Baker Bettie, the baking instructor at where I teach classic baking techniques and baking recipes as well as approachable baking science. Now when I think about what really helped me become a confident baker I keep coming back to the way topics were tackled […]

Lemon Blueberry Scones Recipe | My Virgin Kitchen

– (laughs) – Oh hello everyone. – Since you – (mumbles) – Just relax. Loosen up. Loosen up. – Okay. So. – (laughs) Oh it’s nice and (mumbles). How you doing, mum? – Hiyee. – (laughs) What was that? Hello everyone. It’s Barry here. (laughs) Sorry ’bout that. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. Today I’m […]

Ultimate Guide to British Scones (Make any flavor!)

Today on The Stay At Home Chef I’m giving you The Ultimate Guide to British Scones I’m giving you one recipe to make any flavor of scone. In fact I’m going to show you how to make five different flavors just today. The base dough starts out with 2 cups of all-purpose flour into a […]

Easy Scones Recipe with Plain Flour

In this video I’ll show you how to make a basic English scone with plain flour. The perfect easy scone to serve with clotted cream and your favorite jam! Let’s gather our ingredients! To make this easy scone recipe we will need: 350 grams of plain flour. Here I’m using all-purpose flour. Four and a […]

Easy Cheesy Scones by MJ’s Kitchen | English subtitled

All Praises to ALLAH, who is most Gracious the most Merciful. Peace be unto you. Welcome to MJ’s Kitchen & today’s recipe is Easy Cheesy Scones. Make these scones for breakfast, as a snack & for kids lunchboxes. I’ll bake in oven but you can bake these on stove like I taught you baking cakes […]

How To Make Scones Masterclass With Patrick Ryan

We’re going to be making some apple and berry scones. So, is it a scone, or is it a ‘scon’? Completely up to you – it’s whatever way you pronounce it. Let’s be honest, you couldn’t have an afternoon tea without having a scone. So to start off we’ve got 650 grams of flour. We’re […]

How To Make Scones | Jamie Oliver | AD

So lovely people we’re going to make homemade scones. I love doing this I probably do it every single week the kids love it. It’s really really really easy and I’m going to be bigging up my beautiful bakeware range. We’re going to use 500 grams of self-raising flour. 150 grams of diced unsalted butter […]

Lemon Blueberry Scones – You Suck at Cooking (episode 78)

These hard soft muffin donut breakfast biscuits are a great way to kick off your day. While getting the maximum amount of sugar and carbs into your body. Which can only be delivered by these cakey cookie bread bun rock croissant snack clumps. *singing* First off, we are making the American style scone. Not the […]

Gemma’s Best Ever Irish Scones for St. Patrick’s Day

Hi Bold Bakers! Being Irish of course I’m going to honor St. Patrick’s Day, so I have a new and improved traditional Irish scone recipe for you. You loved the one I shared two years ago, well this one is bigger and bolder. The recipe can be found on along with all of my […]