Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen you are looking well today folks it is another kitchen gadget video you guys know the drill by now I have been sent some kitchen gadgets and have thousands left we try them out and you guys let me know what you think down […]


– Hello, everybody. Hello, Mrs. Barry. – Hello. – How are you? – I’m fine. How are you? – I’m good, I’m good. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, today Mrs Barry and I will be trounced, that’s not even a word, what do I want? – Trounced? We’re doing a kitchen hack video today. – […]

Surprising Reaction With Dish Soap and Glowsticks

Hey guys! I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop. You may notice that I’m sitting around in the dark today, and that’s because today We’re gonna be doing some experiments with glow sticks. We’ve got a huge selection of different glow sticks right here, And we’re gonna see what we can learn about them just […]


– Hello. Hi guys, sorry. It’s Barry here. Welcome to, My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we’re testing some new kitchen gadgets. If you missed any of the other kitchen gadget testing videos today, there is a playlist full of them. I think this is like number 20, something like that. But […]

Deep Frying a Turkey with FLIR | Invisible Labs with Craig Beals

That’s a nice bird, huh? It’s that time of year. It’s Thanksgiving in the Invisible Labs and we’re gonna celebrate the best way we know how. We’re gonna make a turkey. But we’re not gonna throw our turkey in the oven, we’re gonna deep fat fry that bad boy. We got to get our oil […]


This is a behind the scenes video today we are not really going anywhere its ok do not worry. Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen hope you are well today we are testing some more kitchen gadgets, we have 3 today we have got the can colander very excited by […]

Kitchen Gadget Testing #49


Ladies and gentleman of the worldwide internet, I am slightly hyper today, haha. Hes taken some cold flu capsule tablet things and hes a bit drugged up. Yeah Im a bit ill Ive got flu so Ive whooooo every now and then Im buzzing, Im like dancing around so im really sorry. If you saw […]


Well hello folks welcome to my virgin kitchen it�s Barry here I hope you are well today we are testing some more kitchen gadget videos this is number eleven I think if you�ve missed any of the other videos there�s an amazing playlist you�re going to need some popcorn it�s quite long there�s a link […]

Kitchen gadget testing – Al dente singing pasta timer