Our Kitchen Series: How to Make ASIAN DIPS!!!!! (Sawsawan!!!!!) :) [SUB]

Hi Everyone!!! Welcome to my channel!!! 🙂 :):) Today we’re going to make Asian-inspired dips These are what we need… Vinegar This is red cane vinegar. But you can use whatever kind you have at home. Chilis These are red chilis freshly picked from our mini vegetable garden 🙂 Garlic We need to peel and […]


Fry Squid With Kaffir Lime Leaves Recipe – Cooking Squids – My Food My Lifestyle

Hello today i fry squid with kaffir lime leaves this is my squid very big 2 kg let’s pick kaffir lime leaves this is kaffir lime leaves very fresh it’s tree very big and this is vegetable and ingredients for make sauce chili lemon garlic cucumber carrot green onion and lettuce so see me do […]

Bacon-Wrapped Cranberry Walnut Pork – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes calm with bacon-wrapped cranberry walnut pork that’s right my favorite kind of recipes to share are the ones that look super complicated and looked like they take a lot of time and effort to do when they are actually relatively quick and easy to put together and […]

Pizza Sauce

Hi and welcome to the vegan corner. Here is our recipe for a truly delicious Italian pizza sauce. We are going to share with you the steps we like to follow for perfect pizza sauce at every attempt, and we will also discuss how traditional Neapolitan pizza sauce is prepared in pizzerias all over the […]

Phoebes Cauliflower Cheese Recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN

Hello! Alright guys I’m back home from 4 or 5 days of craziness in London and I’m here with Phoebe — hello, hello. First thing you said when you saw me Phoebe, I wanted to make cauliflower cheese, yeah not I miss you or I love you Daddy, I want to make cauliflower cheese. So […]

Sweet & Sour Malaysian Chilli Crab with Ross Butler | Cooking With Marshmello

Happy Tuesday Mellow Gang Feeling a little chilly this winter Marshmello? Then I’ve got a perfect dish for you. Malaysian chili crab Who’s that Mello? It’s your friend Ross Butler here to help you with today’s recipe. For our chili crab, we’ll need Dungeness crab, vegetable oil garlic cornstarch ginger, ketchup, hot sauce, oyster sauce […]

I Tried Making Cake With Balloons! Food Challenge!

What? Why!? Sometimes the more we try the more everything goes wrong! So today we’re going to embrace the beauty of chaos and make a bunch of amazing deserts with help of balloons. Let’s do this! I love waffles! But one thing I love even more is a waffle cake made with cream and raspberries […]

Sauces – La bechamel – CAP Cuisine

Pour la réalisation de la Béchamel, nous avons besoins de lait, de beurre, de farine, de sel et de noix de muscade Il nous faudra donc un fouet, une spatule, une calotte, deux casseroles une pour le roux et une pour le lait et un chinois étamine Pour la réalisation de la béchamel nous allons […]

Sauces – La sauce béarnaise – CAP Cuisine

Pour la réalisation de notre sauce Béarnaise, il nous faut du beurre, des œufs pour leurs jaunes, du vinaigre d’alcool du vin blanc, du sel du poivre des échalotes, du cerfeuil et de l’estragon Pour réaliser cette recette, il nous faut un fouet, un pochon, une écumoire Une maryse, des calottes, des casseroles, et une […]