How To Make Sangria – Red or White Sangria Recipe | Hilah Cooking Ep 19

Hey! What is up? I am Hilah. Today I am gonna show you how to make a delicious sangria. This is just a base recipe. You could mix and match to your heart’s content and then you can drink it on a porch all day long which is what I am gonna do afterwards. [MUSIC] […]

How to Make Traditional Red Sangria with Mark Oldman | Pottery Barn

Hey, I’m Mark Oldman, Pottery Barn wine expert and author of Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine, here today to talk about Sangria. I’m going to fast track you to Sangria Bliss, a very simple, easy, fun recipe. It’s going to start with cutting up the fruit. There is no magic one technique to how […]

Beautiful TAPAS and Authentic Spanish Cuisine!

today we’re at tapas at embrujo they specialize in Paella and tapas and I am pretty excited to try it out because I’ve never actually had Spanish food in quite a while let’s check it out obviously it is Spanish tapas restaurant we are an authentic experience if you want to experience some Spanish cuisine […]