Mixed Vegetables with Paneer | Mixed Sabzi Recipe | Vegetarian Dish

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I’m going to make mix vegetable with paneer and how do I do make it in such a delicious way I’m going to share with you let’s get started with the ingredients the ingredients we are going to have all ginger paste minced garlic […]

Mooli ki bhujia Recipe|Mooli ki Subzi Recipe By Student Cooking In Urdu/Hindi.

Assalam u Aliakum.!welcome to student cooking. Today we are making MOOLI KI BHUJIA Notedown the ingredients of mooli ki bhujia mooli with leave ( radish along with leaves)=1-1/2 kg Use only the fresh and green leaves,do not use those leaves which are yellow in color. Scrap the radish and then cut into slices and cut […]

Nankana Sahib | Street Food & Travel | Biryani, Fish & Pakora | Sheikhupura | Pakistan Street Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum my name is Zia Tabarak… …and welcome to a new video from Street Food PK. Today we’re traveling from Lahore to Nankana Sahib. It’s beautiful city of Punjab and the Gurdwara Janam Asthan also resides there… …where the Founder of Sikh religion Baba Guru Nanak was born. So today we’ll go there & on […]

Aloo Mattar (Potatoes and Peas) Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Today I will be making aloo mattar. Potatoes with green peas in gravy. This is a very popular North Indian dish. Potatoes and peas in spicy gravy makes a great main dish. This recipe will serve 3 to 4. For this recipe we need 3 potatoes which I have already boiled, peeled and cut them […]

Fiqay ki Lassi & Sadiq Halwa Puri | Lahori Nashta | Pakistani Street Food

Andy Makes Herb Rice with Scallions and Saffron | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

get into it we're going into today today I'm going to be making a dish that I grew up eating as some people do it with potatoes some people make it with with bread it's a rice dish called the sabzi poodle sabzi means herbs pulao means rice so we're gonna making a rice dish […]

TINDA RECIPE Prepared by My Granny | Stuffed Tinda Recipe | Tinda Fry | Recipes | Veg Village Food