【Cuisine Royale】PUBG!? なんてカオスなゲームなんだ…【女子実況】

你好 我是siro 今天要玩這個名為「Cuisine Royale」 今天要玩這個名為「Cuisine Royale」 有些謎的遊戲 至於為什麼會玩這個遊戲 理由是我想應該會讓人發出海豚叫w 要開始囉! 哦呵↑——!! 今天的siro—— 是用鍵盤操作的 嗯 那麼呢 這…這樣嗎? 這樣做? 這叫聲很厲害w 啊 可以解除FPS視角 這遊戲太謎了w 那個操作方法完全… 雖然也有看過海外的網站… 也不是太… 寫得那麼詳盡 啊不過好像在這個畫面可以看到 按鍵設定 喔~ 這個只有在對戰裡才能看得到呢 siro之前一直都是用手把來玩的 是用PPP…PAD來玩TPS遊戲 欸!? 等等 怎樣開地圖看 怎樣開地圖看 欸 因為是Map所以是M鍵嗎 這邊 往這邊走吧 OK OK OK OK OK 這太搞笑了 欸 這個呢… 這個… 啊哈↑——!! 這是那個…w 原本還以為只是個搞笑的遊戲 怎知非常之漂亮w 全裸 全裸 全裸 […]

Cuisine Royale: Meet the cameraman

Как вы могли заметить, во многих играх-шутерах от третьего лица ваша камера творит чудеса. Ваш противник может заглядывать за угол и оставаться при этом незамеченным! Как считаете, это честно? А в Cuisine Royale на первом месте реализм! Поэтому… Встречайте миньонов с камерой! Пока ваш враг прячется за стеной, вы все равно можете его засечь, если […]

Killer-Good Cocktails | HOW TO MAKE A KIR ROYALE | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC] You know what’s one of the saddest things in the world?>>What?>>An empty champagne flute.>>Awe, well I can fix that.>>You can?>>Let me pop my cork.>>[LAUGH] >>Hey everybody! Welcome to How To Feed A Loon, I’m Chris.>>And I’m [LAUGH] Wesley.>>The cork-popping loon.>>And that’s right, the cork popping loon and the overly excited Longwell.>>That’s right, I’m really […]

Why you need to play Cuisine Royale

all right so what you just witnessed was gameplay from probably the best game I've ever played in my life all right then you ask Kela how is this the best game well I'll tell you why here's the reasons why you should play cuisine Royale literally right now as I am speaking close the […]

Cuisine Royale First Impressions in 2019!| Cuisine Royale Gamplay/Guide in 2019

how's it going everyone growl wolf here and today we're gonna be playing some cuisine Royale now I've played a match of it it's pretty fun it was I was in it for a test recording I found a car 98 and I managed to get about 4 kills with it and yeah and didn't […]

CHEATING to get 4000+ HEALTH (very OP)

ladies gentlemen and fellow Mimas welcome back to the channel now there's one thing I've always said about fortnight it's that I don't have enough HP we always want more shields we always want more slab juicers and we definitely always want to more chug jugs well today epics come through with a mode to […]

Playing Cuisine Royale + Review

guys Stampede up gaming here back with another video today i will be playing cuisine royal it's about a royal game obviously it's just like h1z1 but it's really good I personally like a better than each one hey get a lot more frames as you see in the top left image it's the x9 […]