[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am going to be sharing something a little bit different it’s kind of still in the same realm of things that you typically share with you guys but I’m just adding a little bit more to it so instead of sharing just a […]

COOKING LESSONS with Adley! Making Breakfast Routine (morning surprise for mystery guests)

(Adley grunts) – [Shaun] Hey, are you trolling your sister? (baby growls) (Shawn growls) You sound like a bear! (Adley squeals) (Shaun growls) He’s crushing you! (drum rolls) (baby squeals) (Shaun squeals) Oh yeah. – [Adley] Oh yeah. I got it now. – Like, right there? – Yup! Good morning vlog! – Good morning! – […]

Daily Kitchen Cleaning Routine! (Clean My Space)

A kitchen is like a newborn baby. It requires constant attention. The reason is we are always using our kitchen. It’s the heart of the home. We’re cooking in it. We’re hanging out in it. I’m looking around my kitchen right now. There is like so much going on. There’s old food. There’s frying pans. […]

Tiny Kitchen Deep Clean – Clean With Me

– I am like 99% sure that there is some sort of infectious disease in this kitchen. (upbeat acoustic music) Hey everybody, my name’s Ashley and today I have a little bit of an unusual video for you, it is a clean with me video. Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t. I just […]


[Musique] bonjour à tous j'espère que vous avez bien j'étais en train de vous demander le blog d'hier le blog maison en fait d'un canapé et je me suis dit tiens je vais ouvrir le club de jean-louis donc aujourd'hui on est samedi et autant vous dire qu'on a rien de prévu encore mystère est […]

OUR TEEN HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ROUTINE! (Workout, What we eat, Tips) | Mescia Twins

hey guys it's Ashley and we're the Mesha twins and today we're gonna be showing you guys a teen lifestyle routine so it's kind of like a day in the life and what we eat in a day but we're gonna show you guys what our healthy lifestyle is like and how you guys can […]

Quick & Easy DIY Desserts!

hi guys it's Lindsay so today I decided that I would show you three different desserts that you can make at home and they are all like really quick and easy desserts that a lot of people have been doing healthy inspired cooking videos and this isn't healthy but I decided that it would be […]

DIY Night Routine Life Hacks! 30 DIY Hacks – DIY Makeup, Healthy Recipes & Room Decor

في فيديو اليوم سأخذكم من بداية لنهاية روتيني المسائي و سأريكم اكثر من 30 حيلة يومية وافعلها بنفسك وسوف تصاب بالذهول ! تحقق منهم ! مرحباَ يا رفاق ! اليوم سأشارك معكم الفيديو الاكثر طلباَ دائماَ وهو روتيني المسائي . وانا لست ذاهبة فقط لأريكم ما اقوم بة عادة في المساء وقبل ان اذهب إلى […]