Budapest Food Tour: Must Eat Hungarian Dishes in Budapest, Hungary

Mustard in pigs brains inside of a pork cutlet Hey guys I’m Ross (and I’m Bek) and we’re in Budapest. Our friends here have shown us around we’ve come up with a list of our favourite foodie spots and that’s where we’re taking you today. If you’re into food and travel videos hit subscribe guys […]

Sofia: Bulgarian Street Food On The Go (Best Banitsa!)

Word got out that Bek and I are in Sofia and well…. Hey guys I’m Ross and today we’re in Sofia Bulgaria and we’re gonna take you around the streets and show you our favorite everyday Bulgarian foods and while all the locals are tucking into this stuff everywhere it’s look not a hundred percent […]

Prague Food Tour! Traditional Czech Food in Prague, Czechia

When you see meat hanging in a window you must stop! Hey guys I’m Ross and Bek is right behind the camera Today we’re in Prague and we’re gonna take you around the streets and show you our favorite Czech foods. Now if you’re into travel and foodie videos be sure to hit subscribe, and […]

Athens Greek Sweets Street Food Tour: Must Eat Dessert and Coffee in Athens, Greece!

Ross will demonstrate eating a wholedonut in one go Hey guys. I'm Ross and I'm Bek! And today we're in Athens, Greece and we're about to take you into the city and show youour favorite Greek sweets And coffees! oh yeah, some delicious coffee too! So, we're going to jump on this train and take […]