Roasted Smashed Potatoes – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes dot-com with roasted smashed potatoes that’s right we’re gonna smash and then roast potatoes which will create something gorgeous and appearance that features the ultimate in potato recipe texture the proverbial crispy and crunchy on the outside and yet soft and fluffy in the middle and please […]

Green Chile Pesto (Plus Secret Squash Side Dish) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with green chile pesto and secret squash side dish that’s right not only are we gonna show you a very versatile quite beautiful incredibly delicious new condiment we’re also gonna show you how to use it to make a beautiful side dish featuring America’s best cap […]

Cabbage Patch Halibut – Fish Roasted in a Leaf – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with cabbage patch halibut that’s right not only is this a great technique for achieving moist flavorful fish but it also solves one of the all-time biggest problems when you cook seafood and that would be your kitchen smelling like fish for many hours afterwards while […]

Bacon-Wrapped Cranberry Walnut Pork – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes calm with bacon-wrapped cranberry walnut pork that’s right my favorite kind of recipes to share are the ones that look super complicated and looked like they take a lot of time and effort to do when they are actually relatively quick and easy to put together and […]

Binging with Babish: Clay-Roasted Thigh from Hannibal (feat. You Suck at Cooking)

[Hannibal] “Clay roasted thigh and canoe cut marrow bone.” [Abel] “My compliments to the chef.”Hey, what’s up guys? Happy Halloween and welcome back to Binging with Babish, where this week we are cooking with not only human remains, but with clay. Two very challenging mediums. Now I’ve never cooked with clay before so I thought […]


Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 The secret ingredient 😉 Olive Oil Roasted Garlic Aioli! LET’S EAT!! Roasted Garlic Aioli & More Nuclear Fire Sauce! First bite is yours! Delicious!! SOOO SPICY & CRUNCHY!! Thanks for watching!!

Bread Rolls with Chicken and Cheese | Indian Cooking Recipes | ramadan recipe | Cook with Anisa

Hi guys, hope you’re well. Thanks for joining me [in] my kitchen. [it’s] Sunday So you know what time it is? And I’ve got another delicious recipe for you to try if you new hit subscribe to stay up to date new [recipes] every week today We’re making chicken bread rolls these are so delicious […]

Pork Agrodolce (Italian Sweet & Sour Pork) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with pork agrodolce that’s right we’re doing italian sweet and sour pork although I guess translated literally it would be sour sweet pork but either way this came out incredibly delicious and even though I did this because it was freezing out and I was craving […]

Martha Stewart Cooks with Ellen and Drew

– All righty, we’re back with Drew Barrymore who loves to cook so we thought who better… – [mouthing words] – To show us a few things in the kitchen than the one and only Martha Stewart. [cheers and applause] – And clothes. – All right. That’s so sweet. Martha’s wearing my ED by Ellen […]

How to Cook Stuffed Roasted Chicken \ Gordon Ramsay | Almost Anything

I’ll be showing you a roast chicken recipe to die for hold the drum the slices stay through but first like any good chef I’m always looking to get great ingredients at the right price my shopping mantra is simple first rely on your senses make sure whatever you’re buying it looks smells and really […]