Cooking Breakfast With Power Tools

– Today we’re gonna cook an all-American breakfast. – With power tools. (rock music) Alright Micah, so do you like a sweet or a savory breakfast? – I like both. – You like both? – I’m an everything man. – Alright, well let’s make everything. – Batter up, cause we gotta make some pancake batter. […]

Will It French Toast? | French Toast Hot Pocket

– You got to put some syrup on this thing. – Oh, you gotta. – Steak and cheese inside a french toast. – [Bearded Man] All up on the inside. I can preemptively answer this question before I eat… – But why? – Yes it will. – Why would you want to do that when […]

Baking Lasagna In The Wind ft. H3H3 | Wind Bakers

( music playing )Hi. We’re the wind bakers. This is my friend Sven Windham. And this is my friend Windy Draft. And we would like to introduce our other friend. Oh, my gosh. Fresh Airin. – Thank you, thank you. – Yes. There’s my great friend. We all hail from a very windy region of […]

Jim Bakker Bucket Taste Test

– Today we taste the apocalypse. – Let’s talk about that. (alarm ringing) (upbeat music) (fire crackling) Good Mythical Morning. – Today, I’m gonna get transformed into a human chocolate fountain. – Because why not? – No reason to not. – But first, I can hardly contain myself because what we’re about to do involves […]

Cooking A Turkey In A Clothes Dryer

– We are back. – Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what happens at Thanksgiving? – Uncle Randy breaks out his list of evidence for flatter? – Yes, but in addition to that, another thing we do is we eat a ton of turkey. If you watched yesterday’s episode, you know that […]

Pizza Hut Four Way Pizza Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

– The fast food Pizza gameis hotter than it's ever been and only one restaurant canclaim the cheesy throne. So what is the future of Pizza Hut, the one time king of pies have in store? Let's find out. This is Future Fast Food (electronic music) Future Fast Food entry number 4,865. In my quest […]

Chip Dip Pong – FOOD SPORTS

– Today, we invent a new food sport. – Let's talk about that. (playful theme music) Good Mythical Morning. – You should come see us in concert. For those of you inLondon, it's February 15th, and back here in the US,we're gonna be in St. Louis, Columbus, DC, and Nashville in April. Go to RhettAndLinkLive.comfor […]

Squeezable Food Test

all squeezable foods are not created equal bubble let's test that good mythical morning we do this every day and by that I mean this show not wear white v-necks together this is just a happenstance this is just you know it just happens sometimes you wake up and you're like hey and so do […]

Taco Bell Deep Fried Crunchwrap Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

Bull Testicle Breakfast Burrito Taste Test | FOOD FEARS

(Jordan grunts) – Ah, no. (upbeat music) – Welcome to Food Fears where I make somethingyou hate taste great. Today's guest once twerked sohard he threw his back out, Jordan Morris.– Hi. – [Josh] Hi welcome, how's the back? – Well, the fact isn'ttrue, that's not true. – Oh.– But I wanna go with this. […]