Richard Baker | Changing The World | Orphan’s Promise

I’m Richard Baker and I live on Topsail Island in North Carolina I have been giving to Orphan’s Promise for 12 years… as I travel with people and the people that go on these trips, they’ve got great hearts and they’re generous givers with hilarity… and so as I’m around they spawn me to do […]

CGR Undertow – IRON CHEF AMERICA: SUPREME CUISINE review for Nintendo Wii

Awright, let’s get the namedrop out of the way: I met Masaharu Morimoto at his restaurant in Philadelphia in 2005. He was wearing chili-pepper-print pants. I was not shocked by this at all. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s an Iron Chef America video game, the kind of thing you’ve always dreamed about […]

Kitchen Gadget Testing #37

(machine buzzing) (dramatic music) – Hello everyone, welcome to Kitchen Gadget Testing 37, presented solely by a pug. Only joking, all right? Hope you’re well. Before we get started please bear in mind, as always, that some of these gadgets are indeed, not pointless. They do help people with disabilities. I get lots of messages […]

Kitchen Love Story: A Couple’s Industrial Chic Kitchen Remodeled for Downtown Living

Hi I’m Dave! Hi I’m Marie! Welcome to our loft and this is our story. Our home is a haven. It’s a place to be comfortable with my wife and 3 dogs It’s a place for us to make memories. When we sold our house and moved into the loft to get a new lifestyle […]

Kid Cuisine – TV Dinner Reviews – brutalmoose

I’ve got a question for you guys. Which do you think came first: Kid Cuisine or Kid Cuisine? Kid Cuisine is a line of frozen TV dinners that were introduced in the year 1990. The name is meant to imply that it’s a cuisine for kids, not that it’s a cuisine made out of kids […]

Kitchen Gadget Testing #38

(“Hallelujah Chorus” by George Frideric Handel) (gadget buzzing) – Yes! Hello, welcome, it’s 2019! Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and all that stuff, hope you had a lovely, festive period. I’ve gotta be honest, don’t tell anyone, I feel a little bit rusty today, I’m like, what is this camera thing, what do I do, […]

Professional Baker Reviews Cheap Doughnuts

– [Nicole] We grew up with only cheap doughnuts because nobody had gourmet doughnuts back then. I’d have to say that I prefer the classic stuff, like, simple is better. Smell-wise I can tell you it smells the most fake a doughnut could possibly smell. It also happens to look like a little butthole. It’s […]

6 Kitchen Gadgets – Tested By Idiots | FridgeCam

Hello! And welcome to FridgeCam. If you eat food… …then this is the show for you. In the fridge today… …we test every kind of kitchen gadget you’re gonna need this Black Friday… …we go old-school and play a party game with chocolate… …but first! Everyone has leftover turkey at this time of year. Especially […]

Master Baker Reviews Free Restaurant Bread

– I mean you can’t call that a baguette, really, or you would be jailed in France. (playful guitar strumming) My name is Gus Reckel. I’m the owner of L’imprimerie. Being French, I’ve been baking my entire life. Today, we’re gonna taste some free bread from restaurants all over America. I’m very excited. (lightly playful […]

Linda Baker | Changing The World | Orphan’s Promise

I’m Linda Baker and I’ve been giving to Orphan’s Promise for 12 years I started giving to Orphan’s Promise because of CBN. I just knew that the integrity was there. I didn’t have to worry about where the money was going. I knew that it would be used correctly and ….because you’re taking care of […]