i only ate FOODS FROM IKEA for 24 hours

So I’m sitting at the kids area at IKEA very mature, good morning guys I have just arrived at IKEA And I’m actually very Excited for this video because I have never eaten foods from Ikea before and for the whole day so for the next 24 hours I am only gonna be eating food […]

Legendary Pakistani Food Hidden In The Back Of An LA Convenience Store

-My name is Fozia. -And I’m Fahim Siddiqui. -We do restaurant business, Zam Zam Market. This is a family business. -Do you like working with your husband and you working with your wife? -We have a good understanding. We help each other. If he’s tired, he go home. I look after everything for him. [ […]

Rolling Gunpowder Dosa at Santa Fe’s Only South Indian Restaurant — Cooking in America

– So Santa Fe’s got a population less 100,000 people and smack dab in the middle of it is Paper Dosa. It’s a South Indian cuisine restaurant. They’re not doing tikka masala. These guys are doing paper dosas from Chef Paulraj who left San Francisco to follow his heart in Santa Fe. Hey Chef. – […]

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Cafe Abuja Is Bringing Traditional Nigerian Food to Houston — Cooking in America

– I’m here in a Nigerian store and it’s like a whole section of palm oil. That’s that fufu right here. Fufu is a staple food that’s accompanied with Nigerian food, and it’s kind of like poi in Hawaiian, so I’m excited to see that. Oh, Milo. Ah, making me feel like home already. Do […]

Les bienfaits du CURRY , une épice très utlisée en cuisine indienne

𝗗 𝗨 𝗦 𝗞 – Multi Cuisine Halal Fine Dining Restaurant in Brentwood, Essex

Hi, I’m chef Steven Gomez. I’m the consultant chef for this group. This group is called D U S K. It’s at Onger Road in Brentwood. We offer everything all our food everything is Halal, in fact in the butcher’s what we have is locally sourced so it’s one of the most wonderful butchery section […]