The Dish | Meet the All of Us Director of Scientific Programs – Dr. Joni Rutter

Hello, everyone. My name is Dr. Joni Rutter, and I’m the division director for the scientific programs within the All of Us Research Program. And Eric asked me to join you today to talk to you a little bit about what we do here in the Division of Scientific Programs. Our charge includes establishing four […]

Food As Medicine: Feedback with Melissa – Week 3 – July 2019

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi, everyone, and welcome to week 3 feedback video of Food As Medicine. It’s great to be back here in Australia after my trip to the UK, and it’s great to see a lot of you enjoyed my video for week 2 coming from Cambridge in England there. So let’s have a bit […]

The Evolution of Bacteria on a “Mega-Plate” Petri Dish (Kishony Lab)

So what we ended up building was basically a Petri dish, except that it’s 2 feet by 4 feet. And the way we set it up is that there are nine bands, and at the base of each of these bands we put a normal Petri-dish-thick agar with different amounts of antibiotic. On the outside […]

The Dish | Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron Announces First Four Community Partner Awards

[DR. DARA RICHARDSON-HERON] I am delighted to share the great news that we just made our first four community partner awards today. The four partners are FiftyForward, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, Delta Research and Educational Foundation, and the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. With these awards, we’re beginning to build our national network […]

The Dish | My Story

[ERIC DISHMAN] Hi, I’m Eric Dishman. I’m the director of the All of Us Research Program here at the National Institutes of Health. And I just want to talk a little bit about my own background of what drove me to run the All of Us Research Program. And it’s really this. I was diagnosed […]

The Dish | Welcome to the Director’s Corner

Welcome to the Director’s Corner. I’m Eric Dishman, I’m the Director of the All Of Us Research Program at the National Institutes of Health, part of the whole Precision Medicine Initiative. This new space that we’re creating online is really a place for me to give you really candid updates. One of the core values […]

The Dish and the great beyond

[Theme music plays] (Glen Paul) G’day, and welcome to CSIROvod, I’m Glen Paul. As you’ve probably figured with the Dish sitting behind me there, I’m at CSIRO’s Parkes Observatory on what is a rather windy day, which is going to make things a little bit scary because we’re going to go up onto the Dish. […]

Female menstrual cycle in a dish: ‘EVATAR’

Avatar, being a virtual representation of a human being, and in this case it’s a biological representation of the female reproductive tract, so we call it EVATAR. So the system that we’ve invented, together with Draper Laboratories, is a series of interconnecting cubes that have individual tubes that now connect each of the organs. So […]

Health Care Reform with Laurence Baker

So I wanna talk about health reform, health policy for a little bit, that’s the topic that I do a lot of research and writing on. It’s a topic I do a lot of teaching on with undergraduate with graduate students. We have a couple of minutes together and so unfortunately we have to focus. […]

The Foods of the Future

Let’s imagine the food of the future. Did you know that scientists are working to help make the foods you already eat do amazing things for your health? This looks and taste like the same old broccoli you have always loved, but scientists are finding ways to make this broccoli love you back. Broccoli naturally […]