How to Repair a Clogged Kitchen Sink Hose | This Old House

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets | This Old House

before we paint anything is very important to decrease all the surfaces that we're going to paint to spray some of the cleaner on to a clean cloth and scrub the surface to remove all of the grease and oil so that the paint will stick really well to the surface using a palm sander […]

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets | This Old House

to get started here I want to simply add up all of these numbers in this run and when I get the total I'll put a reference on the wall and start installing our cabinets I've taken that total and I measured from this wall in the kitchen down here all the way down to […]

How to Replace a Small Kitchen | This Old House

let's get started by removing this old stove to give us some room to work beautiful I'm going to turn off the hot and cold water and break the drain connections alright good under the dishwasher Tommy I'm just breaking the water the drain and the electrical yeah you ready yeah go alright now we […]

How to Replace a Kitchen Sink | This Old House

all right well if we're going to replace the sink there's a couple choices nowadays one is an under counter mount sink and that thing would sit underneath the counter and it would require a nice clean edge on the countertop now this is laminate here if I was to pull this sink out we […]

How to Add a New Dishwasher to a Kitchen | This Old House

all right here's your new dishwashing you must be excited all right we're gonna start with our hot water supply to the dishwasher okay you've got a pipe right here that feeds hot waters at the kitchen sink it has a shutoff like this what I'm going to do is I'm going to replace this […]


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Friendship Acres RV Trip Day 3

good morning YouTube and welcome to day 3 I've been riding on a deep I should have already posted or put together day's wanted to looks like that was a pretty good combination there last night Heidi and I got back to the RV Oh a little later we went and visited friends Greg and […]

Baker's Gas Tour 2016

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