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nice It’s gross. – Mhm. (gags) (laughs) (taps egg on bowl) (taps egg on table) (laughs)

7 common questions about workplace romance | The Way We Work, a TED series

Translator: Leslie Gauthier Reviewer: Krystian Aparta Workplace romance can be a tricky topic. (Music) [The Way We Work] How do we manage the boundaries between our personal and professional lives? How do we deal with gender imbalances and power dynamics in the workplace? There’s a lot of gray area in workplace romance. I’d like to […]

Casually Explained: Dating (feat. You Suck At Cooking)

“Dating” is the human courtship ritual whereby individuals in the species try to adequately determine a sexual partner. Although a natural process, it’s something that’s been pondered by the brightest minds since the beginning of time. Isaac Newton, one of the greatest mathematicians of the 17th century, yet a virgin ’til the day he died, […]

A Working Day – Baker, Mali

Mon nom est Madou Coulibaly. Je viens d’Ouen, un village au Mali. Je suis à Bamako depuis trois ans. Mon grand frère avait déjà travaillé à la boulangerie. Alors je lui ai demandé de me trouver du travail là-bas. Son patron m’a engagé. Il m’a montré le travail qu’il y avait à faire Quand j’ai […]

Dealing with Bullying – Dr. Mark Baker

Not all fighting is bullying. This is important to understand. Especially school-age boys mix it up — they push, they shove, they get into fights…and fighting is wrong, but not all fighting is bullying. Bullying involves four things: Number one: aggressive behavior that’s violent. What’s the difference between aggression and violence? Aggression is the force […]

Why Healthy Conflict Is Essential – Dr. Mark Baker

I’ve got some news for you that’s both good news and bad news: conflict is essential. Now I didn’t say that conflict is something to be overcome, conflict to something to be avoided, conflict is something we work through; I said “conflict is essential.” Conflict is essential to making you a better person. The ancient […]

Is Addiction A Disease? – Dr. Mark Baker

Is addiction a disease? This is really hard for people because they know addicts in their lives who are acting immorally! They are making bad choices, they are choosing bad things and they’re making those choices over and over again. So you look at these people and you say “that’s not a disease.” If you […]

How To Resolve Power Struggles – Dr. Mark Baker

Did you know that more people are bitten by other people than by rats in new york city every year? We don’t know how to deal with our power struggles. We’re not resolving them well. The divorce rate obviously is telling us we don’t know how to resolve power struggles, and it’s really critical for […]

What Forgiveness Really Is – Dr. Mark Baker

Have you ever forgiven someone and then a day or two later — or maybe a week later — somebody brings their name up and you wince? You think “ooo…maybe I haven’t forgiven them”? And so you have to forgive him again? And you pray to God, and you say “God help me forgive that […]

"Foodie Calls"/Never Pay For A Woman's Meal

hello everybody this is Gregory from red pill men's health welcome back today we're gonna talk about the phenomenon of foodie calls now red pill men's health spiritual emotional physical health are your true sources of wealth because whether or not you're low level MiG towel or you're a high level make towel your red […]