Why Do We Waste Perfectly Good Food In The U.S.? | AJ+

This is me dumpster diving to find food for tomorrow’s dinner. Look what I found! This is a beautiful strawberry. Why would someone throw this away? And this is my face after finding some unexpired steak in the trash. Why am I doing this? Because we in America have a crisis: We throw out way […]

What happens to your food recycling

Recycling your food waste couldn’t be easier. Place food waste into your food caddy. When the caddy is full tie up the bag and place it in your outside food bin. Food bins are collected by our waste crews and taken to Millerhill to be sorted and then processed using anaerobic digestion. This creates a […]

How To Make Money With Food Waste

How would you feel if you saw someone throwing out a $100 bill? Well, we’re tossing out food worth over $990 billion globally, due to food waste and loss. So, how is all that potential cash ending up in the trash? Food waste is considered to be edible food that is not eaten or tossed […]

Batteries, Harpes & Guitares de cuisine | Nicolas BRAS | TEDxClermont

Translator: Catherine Dean Reviewer: Denise RQ Hello everybody. I’m here to talk about tin cans and their use in the making of musical instruments. When we think of tin cans and music, we think of the poor man’s instrument, of resourcefulness, something we play for lack of a better one, of a budding percussionist’s first […]

SLIME KITCHEN: DIY – How to Make Doll SLIME | Sugar Cookies | Eggs | Coffee | Ice | Lemonade & More

Today we are taking a look at our slime collection. Which I am sure is a little odd-looking Yeah, they’re not the most beautiful Slime colors, and that’s because we use them in our doll slime kitchen What do you think, the hat’s too much? Should I lose the hat? Yeah, lets lose the hat. […]


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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Recipes: Part 1

I'm froggy and this is ten minutes of Barbie Dreamhouse adventures starting now well I have been doing a lot of work in the kitchen trying to discover new recipes and I'm ready to share with you all of the things that I found so some of these you may already know but I'm just […]

Unbox Daily: The Secret Life of Pets Surprise Boxes | Happy Meal | Radz | Just Play

we would like to give a special thanks to rads for providing us with these products today on unbox daily we are taking a look at the secret life of pets – first let's take a look at rads blind boxes inside there are three surprises in one a candy bag a collector's card and […]