Chicken Katsu Curry Recipe | my virgin kitchen

– Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are making a chicken Katsu Curry which is not the name of a curry named after a cat called Sue it’s actually, Katusu is Japanese term I think for battering or breadcrumbing things. So not just chicken, […]

Musakhan Palestinians Chicken Recipe — International Cuisines


This Chef Has 5 Minutes To Teach an Amateur How to Cook • Tasty

hello I’m Matthew and I’m a tasty producer today I have five minutes to explain to my friend Joyce how to cook a complicated classic dish chicken cordon bleu my name is Joyce and I’m certainly not a professional chef at the end of this I want to make a dish that my family and […]

Home made Oporto Chicken Recipe International Cuisines


#Bread #Potato Roll | #Bread #Bonda | Delish Cookery

Welcome to Delish cookery Let’s see how to prepare bread potato Roll Required Ingredients are Boiled Potato Green Chilly , ginger garlic and powdered groundnut Instead of groundnut you can also use Cashewnut take 4 bread slices red chilly powder, turmeric powder and oil to deep fry once the oil gets heated add garlic, green […]

🔵 How To Make Maple Brined Pork Chops || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends today I’m going to make a maple brined pork chop recipe and a brine is essentially a five percent salt solution five percent is sort of a good starting point if you’re gonna do a solution which means by weight five percent of the solution should be salt so I’m starting out with […]

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Traditional Yufka Bread Recipe And Gozleme Borek Varieties

hello ladies and gentlemens welcome you all in this video we will see the traditional received for recover at and how it's made doll with hand level Honus of bread made as preparation for winter truth has we made out of regular youth Cobra wash the baked bread with spinach and potatoes commands work by […]

Creamy Tuna Mac N Cheese Recipe | Creamy Macaroni and Cheese With Tuna

welcome back everybody and if you are new here welcome to my channel I like to post all sorts of recipe videos weekly now today I am making my delicious creamy cheesy tuna mac and cheese and this is actually one of my uncle's favorite dishes to make and speaking of my uncle I sure […]

Home made Oporto Chicken Recipe International Cuisines