DIY CUISINE – Patates douces au four

Gâteau à la Cannelle Facile 👍 cuisine marocaine

Hello today some easy cinnamon cupcakes 1 egg Pinch of salt. Teaspoon of cinnamon 100g sugar. 100ml vegetable oil Flour (about 200g). Baking powder 7g. sugar cinnamon Oven 180 degrees Cooking 15/20 minutes Thank you for watching

Recette Salés Facile de même pâte 👍 cuisine marocaine

Hello I propose you today Assortment of Salty of the same Paste 300g flour. 300g semolina extra fine Bread yeast salt. sugar 3 Olive oil or vegetable oil Warm milk (about 350ml). leave it brewing minced meat 2 onions + 1 carrot + 1 zucchini + 1 red pepper / green + coriander. vegetable oil. […]

The Galette des Rois recipe by French chef Michaël Bartocetti with Monica Ainley | Vogue Paris

Hello Vogue. I’m having an epiphany cake at my house tonight with my friends. And I’m definitely going to be the queen. So, I have come to the Four Seasons George V hotel to learn how to make an epiphany cake with chef Michaël Bartocetti. Come with me! Hello sir, where are the kitchens please? […]

Gâteau Bassboussa Facile Pour AÏD 2019 – Cuisine marocaine

Hello recipe Bassboussa cake 160ml of orange juice 100ml vegetable oil 100g caster sugar 3 spoon grated coconut salt Vanilla sugar 7g peel orange 2 eggs 250g of fine semolina 2 baking powder salt Vanilla sugar 7g peel orange 100g sugar 160ml of orange juice 100ml vegetable oil 3 spoon grated coconut 250g of fine […]

Nouveau Beignet tellement léger et bon ! 😋

Hello Sweet Donuts Recipe DRY YEAST 10g 150ml of warm milk 2tbsp sugar 1 egg Vanilla 2tbsp vegetable oil flour about 350g 30/40min 3mm 10min Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

Repas complet Facile et Bon !! 😋 – Cuisine Marocaine

Hello Easy Instant Pot Dinner Half cabbage Wash with water and vinegar Cooking oil pepper / salt 3 potatoes Cooking oil butter Chicken breast 1tbsp butter Turmeric pepper salt garlic powder onions 3 eggs pepper salt The oven is 200 degrees Cooking 20 minutes mozarelle cheese Cooking 1 minute Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting […]

DIY Cuisine – Bonbons aux pelures d’oranges

Mini Quiches Très Délicieux Facile et Rapide à Faire – Ramadan2019 Cuisine Marocaine

Hello Recipe link in description Green and red peppers onions Tuna Coriander and parsley 2 whole eggs and 4 pieces of cheese Vegetable oil Salt pepper Tuna Recipe link in description Oven 180 degrees Cooking 20 minutes Cheese grated Olive thank you for watching I’m hungry 🙂

Recette Choux fleurs Facile Rapide cuisine marocaine

Hello cauliflower cumin onion Vegetable oil clove of garlic Minced meat Salt pepper turmeric cumin 4 tomatoes pea bowl parsley and coriander mixture Grated cheese Oven 200 degrees A little cooked thank you for watching