Box Office – Scary Stories, The Kitchen, Hobbs & Shaw Second Weekend Drop

Hello and welcome to this week’s Movie Math!

Trump's new attack on health care | Pod Save America recording stream

Erica I'm Jon Favreau I'm Dan Piper later in the pod i chat with congresswoman Rasheeda Talib about all kinds of stuff in the news before that we got a lot of news to get through from the lawsuit that might undo the Affordable Care Act to the latest Trump scandals to some brand new […]

One-on-one with Jerome Baker | Miami Dolphins

John can Gemma here with linebacker Jerome Baker and Jerome you get home not once but twice against the Cincinnati Bengals with two sacks would it feel like number one finally getting to the quarterback and then doing it in the state where you played college football yeah it was a great feeling it was […]

Baker's Little Helper & Peppers Gets Spicy 🌶️| Browns Social Minute

what's up I'm Ally Raymond and this is your social minute where we show you the best of the best what happened on social media this week starting with this small Browns fans this little guy wore his Baker Mayfield Jersey to a school picture day twitter user Ray jr. for 1-9 tweeted of course […]

Mikey Garcia | Food Truck Diaries | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub