Last To STOP Eating Their Colored Food Challenge! | Matt and Rebecca

– What if Norris Nuts has a clue for us? – [Matt] Swedish fish. – No? – No. – [Rebecca] No. – What if this all has to do with the red hood? – Welcome back to the Matt and Rebecca Channel. Right now we’re trying to figure out why we have these three bags […]

PAUSE CHALLENGE w/ Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours! Squishy Food vs. Real Food (Game Master spy Wins)

– Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca and I am back, and I’m so excited because thanks to you guys, we stopped the event. So even though the RZ Twin escaped– – And she tried to replace you. – The Game Master said for now we could back to doing our fun videos, which I’m so excited […]

We only Ate Rainbow Food for 24 Hours Challenge! (Rebecca Vs. Best Friend)

– Hi I’m Alice, I’m your new neighbor. – New neighbor? Oh, so you live here? – Yeah I actually just moved in. – Oh, where did you move to? – Next door. – Oh, like right next door? – Yeah, like right down the hall. – [Matt] Do you wanna come in? – I’d […]

GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD w/ Rebecca Zamolo, Matt Slays & Chad Wild Clay

Hi, guys welcome back to my video today. We’re gonna have a very special video for you, because I have a ton of special guests this is when you guys pop up whooooooooooooooooo Just like sweating waiting. They were like actually under my desk the whole entire time We are going to do of gummy […]

2 INGREDIENT SLIMES! No Glue, No Borax, No Detergent Recipes

hey hey what's up guys welcome back may I have Rebecca's Amell over here we're testing out two ingredients limes and a little scared cuz it's not like regular sign there's no glue there's no more ice there's no detergent there's nothing that you typically make bread with really hope if I fail shell at […]

Last To STOP Eating Their Colored Food Challenge! | Matt and Rebecca

what if norsu nets has a clue for us swedish fish No welcome back to the Mack Rebecca channel right now we're trying to figure out why we have these three bags in this new car right here what's the card say Matt says complete last challenge last challenge what lesson I don't know I […]


ah yes okay I'm making a mess – its Rebecca and I don't know about you guys but I'm obsessed with looking at the cool desert that they have on different Instagram pages they always seem to have these really cool unique desert that was so fun and colorful and I wish I can make […]

We Only Ate RED FOODS for 24 hours! (impossible Food Challenge with Hacker) Matt and Rebecca Zamolo

Trying Edible Slime Recipes! w/ Rebecca Zamolo

hey guys it's ro welcome to my channel today oh my god out with my friend Rebecca hey I'm so excited climate so happy you're here I love this girl if you haven't already I'm gonna be putting her links down below so go check her out show her some love and subscribe because she […]